$1000 Weed Purchase Sends Rick Ross on Munchie Binge That SHUTS Down Unsuspecting Grocery Store in Jamaica

jamaican weed rick ross

Earlier last week Rick Ross posted the picture below of a large bud of marijuana while in Jamaica on tour.

ross smoking jamaican weed

What happen next was something that no locals have ever seen before as he went on a munchie binge that ended with him spending a tab of $5,500+ in snacks at a convenience store on what some are saying was some “extraordinary sh*t” to watch.


A cashier on duty says Ross showed up at about 6pm and didn’t exit the store until around 2-3 hrs lata with 3 men who helped him pick out the bags of snacks and candies they carried back to an SUV.

“They wouldn’t have been in the store so long if Ross hadn’t start eating a little bit of every snack he picked up while still in the store. I’d say he left out with atleast $50-$60 worth of candy stuck in his beard, but he tipped me well so I can’t complain.”

Hey at least he tipped her!

“I guess this is how they shut down the strip clubs in America, except he made it rain Skittles & Jolly Ranchers on this cashier b*tch”

Says one innocent by-stander who saw it all from a stoop on the front of the store where he enjoyed a 40 ounce while hoping Ross would stop and listen to his mix cd. He didn’t.

Wow last video I saw Ross said he was trying to lose weight and was shooting ball on Worldstar, but hey! A man’s gotta eat …right?

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