(Statistics) 2 out of 3 African American Children Spent Fathers Day 2012 …Looking for Their Fathers

black kids fathers

black kids fathers

Statistics show that 2 out of 3 inner city black kids spent Fathers day this year looking for their Fathers whom most of them have never met.

This is the highest percentage in over 35 years!

Out of every 3 black children 2 will wake up with no Father to walk-in on having Father’s Day sex with his/her Mother. It’s not hard to believe when I remember most of my closest friends growing up without a Father in their home.

Reports were published by the United States Census Bureau stating the following:

“Most black children grow up in single parent homes (a mother) with at least 1-3 children. The billions spent on Fathers day is mostly represented by Hispanics who have litters of children and Caucasian Americans. African Americans spend the least on Fathers Day besides the few who feel like mailing off letters to their Fathers who are incarcerated”

“They’re either in prison, a cemetery or somewhere dodging child support. I’m just kidding it’s honestly very, very sad.” Says Robert M. Groves Director of the U.S. Census Bureau when speaking on where all the Black Fathers have gone.

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