3 Out of 10 African Americans Will Die of Diabetes Complications Due to Kool Aid Over Sugaring…


Diabetes commonly known as “sugar” to country ass people in the south is one of the top killers of African American people.

There is nothing new about the fact that black people love Kool Aid, but anything in mass quantities is bad for you and when you don’t take the proper steps to prepare anything you consume, there are consequences.

The average cup of kool aid has about 1cup of sugar in it if you follow the simple recipe, but the national average cup of kool aid consumed by African Americans contains atleast 4cups of sugar. If you’re not big on metrics that adds up to a lot of damn sugar.

BET reporters took to the streets to figure out exactly what the problem was by interviewing street walkers on “how to make kool-aid” the findings were disturbing to say the least.

Quick Facts:

  1. Number 1 response was that they don’t actually measure the amount of sugar in their Kool Aid. They just simply continue to put sugar into it until it taste “aight”.
  2. Most don’t use actual pitchers, but instead empty pickle jars, old plastic containers and “big ass cups”. Thus not effectively measuring their Kool-Aid intake.
  3. Favorite type of Kool-Aid seems to be: “Red” which reads cherry flavor ¬†on the front of the packet.
Diet specialist Susan Cohen says:
“A set of measuring cups could easily solve this problem, but I think most will continue to just use spoons and/or pour directly from the damned sugar bag instead.”

The diagram below is shown to illustrate exactly how much sugar was found in an African American’s cup of Kool Aid compared to regular people.

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diabetes kool aid over sugaring

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