STATISTICS — Air Jordan Shoes Responsible for Over 1,200 Deaths a Year Among African Americans; More than 20 Shoe Related Deaths Per Week

air jordan related deaths

air jordan related deaths

The same sneakers that got n*ggas lining up for hours also got n*ggas in police line ups due to killings that spread from Baltimore all the way out west to Los Angeles.

According to La Times the Nike Air Jordan sneaker alone is responsible for over 1,200 deaths a year and that’s ONLY in the African American communities where death totals are in the 10′s of thousands.

“Its sad to see what’s happening in the African American community with Jordan shoes, but we will continue to sell them. I mean they’re not gonna stop selling guns just because a few thousand blacks continue to kill people with them …are they?

They say us white folks; we kill over some crazy shit. We may shoot up an entire school & then put 1 in ourselves, but never will we kill over a pair of sneakers. Never.”

Said George Kulas head manager at a shoe store in Los Angeles’s The Grove mall. Who personally checks shoe inventory for one’s that might have a possible attitude problem prior to putting them out on the floor to be sold.

As of this writing 2 pairs of Jordan Concords were in custody for their involvement in a drive-by lacing on the scary streets of Compton, California.

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