Dead Beat Dad Raises $100,000′s for Child Support Via Facebook Fanpage then Disappears with ALL the Money

you are the father Maury

you are the father Maury

Jack Bennet a Mobile, Alabama man is heated with reality show host Maury Povich’s recent decision to name him the father of “Lil Benny” a moderately cute baby conceived out of what Jack calls “one boring ass 1 night stand”.

“My pull out game is FLAWLESS so there is no way that baby is mine. Plus that baby look like 50 cent or sum shit”

Says Jack a highly skilled janitor who once worked at a retirement home where he met his 1 night stand (who chose to remain anonymous) that claims he’s the father and when Jack refused to support the baby he was called to attend the Maury Povich show; Where he was told “You Are the Father” …*Maury voice*.

Still refusing to believe he was a father Jack launched a Facebook page in an attempt to gain supporters in his fight against “thirsty whores” his words …not mine.

In a matter of weeks he gained over 600,000 likes of male and surprisingly female supporters willing to donate for him to afford a proper attorney to fight the paternity test and/or child support depending on the outcome.

Due to the “hate-filled” responses on the page it was quickly removed by Facebook, but not before he was able to raise a substantial amount of money ($110,000) and disappear.

According to his 1 night stand she hasn’t seen Jack since the Maury show and all calls to his so-called attorney haven’t been returned.

maury show not the father

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