Rapper Dmx Files a Restraining Order Against Crack…


GREENVILLE – “Its the crack, not me! It just won’t leave me alone” said Dmx to a Greenville, South Carolina judge Tuesday morning after appearing in court for a prior conviction of driving without a license.

“I just wanna get on with my life without having to worry about crack, needles or spending child support money on my next fix” - DMX

Dmx who has been arrested more than 15 times in 2013 alone places the blame solely on crack.

While standing trial he claimed there was absolutely nothing he could do to keep crack away from him and suggest crack will not leave him alone simply because he’s such a great guy. Leaving him with no other choice then to file a restraining order.

While receiving probation on his initial charge Judge Kareem Sampson ordered Dmx to be held 72 hrs at a local Mental Health facility for further psychiatric evaluation.

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