DNA Test Proves that Big Sean & Fabolous Got the Same Daddy, That Neither One of Them Ever Met

fabolous big sean same daddy

Many people have wondered why rapper Big Sean looks like a cornier, Steve Urkel-ish to Stefan version of Fabolous and the reason being is because they are brothers who have the same Daddy that neither one of them have ever met.

After realizing that their fans weren’t dumb for saying they look alike, but that they in fact actually have very similar features; Being that neither one of them have ever met their Father they thought it’d be a good idea to see if they were related.

After confirming by DNA test more than 2 years ago, they still never mention it.

Mostly because Big Sean doesn’t want people to compare him and/or feel like he’s riding the coat tail of his older brother John (Fabolous) who may or may not have helped him secure a record deal with GOOD Music founder Kanye West.

SHHHH…. Let’s keep this a secret.

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