Drake Gets Lil Wayne’s Face Tattooed Over His Heart for Weezy’s 31st Birthday…


Miami – Young money rapper Drake surprised label mate Lil Wayne for his 31st birthday (September 27th) by revealing a tattoo of the dread heads face over his chest with the word’s “Young Money Forever” in red reminiscent of Lil Wayne’s ties to the California Blood Gang.

Lil Wayne celebrated his birthday party at Miami’s Club Liv where we were told Drake stopped the music and said the following:

“A lot of people say I’m sensitive and I see the internet and blogs and sh*t and let me tell you what type of n*gga Drake really is
…Drake the type of n*gga to get his brothers face tattooed across his chest and not give a f*ck who thinks its gay. Young money is for life and this tattoo is for life”

Drake went on to say this was a once in a lifetime revealing of the tattoo and it would be something him and weezy would share forever.

Onlookers who witnessed the revealing of his Weezy tat firsthand said they never thought things could get any gayer than Birdman Kissing Lil Wayne, but this in fact was much more gay.

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