Fan Amazed That Rapper Currensy was Actually Uglier as a Baby than He Is Now “I Didn’t Think It Could Get Any Worse”

currensy baby picture instagram

currensy baby picture instagram

“I mean that’s one abortion I wouldn’t regret and I’ve had 2.” Said Amy Kinsley a longtime fan of Currensy.

The picture in question was posted by the rapper on Thursday during #TBT (stands for Throwback Thursdays) where users of social media site Twitter post old photos of themselves.

Well 3 days later and fans still haven’t let up on what some are saying is one of the worst baby pictures they’ve ever seen with 1,300 negative comments and counting …I have to agree.

“Everyone has old pictures their embarrassed of, but even those aren’t this ugly. I didn’t think he could get any worse …this could really hurt his career if he had one.”

Rapper Currensy was unable to be reached for questioning, but was last seen burning old baby pictures in his backyard and was recently placed on a 24 hour suicide watch.

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