Fans Upset Rick Ross Ate a Full Course Meal On Stage Before Starting His Show Last Night & Didn’t Share Not 1 Bite

rick ross eating full course meal

rick ross eating full course meal

“I would say no, but the least he could do was offer us some”

An upset fan speaking on a concert Rick Ross held last night in Dallas, Texas where he sat on stage for what seem like forever and destroyed a 5 plate full course meal and how he refused to start the show until he could wash it all down with a super-sized cup of McDonalds sweet tea.

“Him eating was a show in itself. I woulda gladly paid double to see that again. It was like watching a lion being fed at the zoo it looks cool as f*ck at first, but then you feel bad for that deer …that poor little deer.

R.I.P. to them forks, plates and spoons.”

Rick Ross where are your manners I know your Mother raised you better than that. You never eat in front of company.

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