H&M to Release Equally Racist Collection As Apology to Black People

SWEDEN – After H&M confronted colossal discussion for putting an African American kid to demonstrate a hoodie which read “Coolest monkey in the wilderness”, It is being accounted for that H&M is anticipating discharging another accumulation that as per administrator Stefan Persson, is “similarly bigot to the various races”. The gathering will be known as the “You’re Not Alone” accumulation.

Stefan told correspondents that the monkey hoodie was for the most part being reprimanded by dark individuals, so they chose to take a shot at an accumulation that is supremacist to blacks, as well as Hispanics, Whites, west Asians, and east Asians. Look at the gathering so far beneath:

“It was never our goal to irritate blacks, I have dark companions” said accumulation originator David Enrique, “yet since blacks were insulted we need to keep it meet and affront everybody. We figure blacks will be content with this similarly bigot gathering.”

H&M is required to discharge the accumulation at some point in February, will you shop? Buy in to Huzlers.com underneath for general news and our up and coming rundown of most despised individuals of January!