Inmates Tell Tony Farmer Not to Worry About Basketball Because There Will be Plenty of Balls to Play with in Prison

play ball prison tony farmer

play ball prison tony farmer

Former high school basketball star Tony Farmer was sentenced to 3 years in prison earlier this week; His family watched along as his hopes and dreams were flushed down the toilet like a used condom …he fainted which you can see in this video.

Inmates of the Ohio State correctional center say they plan to welcome the young man with “open arms” and hopes he returns the favor in whatever way he can:

“We know he’s worried about being off the court and missing his chance at playing for the NBA, but we promise to keep him in tip top shape. We have plenty of balls that we are eager for him to play with in prison. Bottom line is we plan to keep them good hands busy. “

Don’t drop the soap n*gga.

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