Kool-Aid Changed Flavor Names to Colors; Cherry Now Officially Known as Red, Grape–Purple

kool aid kolors

kool aid kolors

Kool-Aid brand reached the decision to officially change the name of their popular sugar water into colors. Chairman of Kraft (they RUN the kool aid brand) had the following to say about the change:

“There is no secret that our primary consumers are the Blacks and they’ve been calling our flavors colors since the inception of the Kool Aid brand. To them Grape is purple, Red is Cherry and since they’re now our top customer …I now agree. This should push us forward with more brand awareness on the shelves we sell on nationwide.”

Kool Aid will be re-branded as Kool-Aid Kolors and plan on rolling out sometime later this Summer.

“After years of being handed the wrong flavor of Kool-Aid; We’re sure our African American consumers will be excited. As far as everyone else they’ll just have to get with the program, we’re here to make money”

I for one will have a drink of grape …I mean purple kool aid to that announcement.

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