Lady Luscious (TwerkTeam) Says Naked Pictures on WorldStar Will Kill Her Image as a Wholesome Church Going Christian

Twerk Team lady luscious naked pictures

Lady Luscious a member of the booty shaking Youtube sensation known as “Twerk Team” nekkid pictures were leaked on WorldstarHipHop a site that has viewers with the IQ of cold water.

The pictures were later found to be released by an ex-boyfriend who she trusted to not share with anyone other than his homeboys which is what you should expect anytime you SEXT a guy.

Besides saying the same shit that everyone else says when the whole world sees their bare p*ssy on the internet (you live you learn, I apologize to my fans, blah blah); She was mainly bothered by all the young girls she let down by her naked pictures being on WorldStarHipHop and tarnishing her locally known reputation as a wholesome Church going Christian.

“Now people will never believe how much I go to church and say my prayers EVERYTIME I sit down to eat. I mean every damn time; Who else is doing that? Noone.

I want to be a role model for young women and being on Worldstar is not going to help me do that.”

Said Lady Luscious as she was positioning her camera for the perfect dancing ass shot for what is known to teenage boys on Youtube as TwerkTeamThursday.

With the popularity of Twerk Team Disney launched a cartoon version of the booty shaking videos: (Here’s one of the Sexy Twerking Cartoons)

Do you think the naked pictures on WorldStarHipHop will affect her image?

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