Lil Boosie Back in Jail 30 Minutes After Release for $80k in Back Child Support..

lil boosie

BATON ROUGE“I wanted to let him see his kids right before I took them away from him again” Said one of the rappers four baby’s mothers to a news crew outside of the prison he was locked in for years.

“It felt weird as hell putting the cuffs back on him right after taking them off. We don’t get paid overtime for this type of sh*t” – Sheriff

Lil Boosie was re-arrested earlier today after an arrest warrant was issued for unpaid child support in the amount of $80,000 dollars minutes after his release from prison.

“Just because you locked up don’t mean you don’t pay yo bills. No mortgage payment, no house. No child support, no kids. Its Simple” Said his baby mother Ranesha Cankle explaining to sheriff’s why she decided to issue the warrant once he was a free man instead of while he was still locked up. “I wanted him to feel what it was like to be free before being locked right back up. Maybe that will motivate his @ss to pay bills on time”

Lil Boosie who says it’s all a misunderstanding and that he loves his kids encourages his fans eager for new music to play some of his old classics including “Wipe Me Down” ,”F You” and “Dat P**sy Taste like Grape Soda”.

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