Michael Jackson Enters Guinness Book World Records as First Person to Live as 2 Different Races

michael jackson guinness book world records

After a heated debate Michael Jackson has been accepted into the Guinness World Records for being the first person to ever live as 2 different races in one life.

If Michael was here today I’m sure he would take that mask off long enough to say how much he appreciates this.

I’m excited that Michael continues to win awards even after his death; May God rest his white soul.

Said Michael’s Jewish Lawyer who accepted the award on his behalf due to his Family not being available since they’re too busy fighting over the money he left behind.

Michael’s Father Joe was reached, but declined an interview after a definite “no” to one of his questions:

Is there some kind of compensation for Michael being in the Guinness book of world records? Otherwise I can’t do an interview.

Singing Michael Jackson’s “It Don’t Matter if you Black or White” I will now continue on with my day.

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