Mike Tyson Claims He was on Bath Salts During Holyfield Fight, Says “I Can Still Taste Ear in my Mouth”…


If you’re not familiar with the whole Mike Tyson/Holyfield ear situation …let me fill you in.

A title fight between Mike Tyson and Holyfield ended with Evander picking a piece of his ear off the mat when a frustrated Mike chose to bite at his head instead of punching it …now that that’s out of the way.

Mike Tyson went on radio this morning talking about his past and the mistakes he’s made. Out of all the f*cked up sh*t Mike is known for he chose to speak on something noone really gave a sh*t about.

You bit a n*gga ear off?!? …so what!

“I didn’t want to mention my drug use, because I thought they might strip me of my past titles. Combine that with the fact that I was hungry that day …*Chomp* there goes Holyfield’s ear “

says Mike as he eyes a large breasted woman across the room while signaling for her to meet him in the restroom.

“Honestly if I wasn’t on bath salts I can’t say I would’nt have done the same thing, I mean, because sometimes you just gotta bite shit. Its the only way to resolve certain things. My street mentality kicked in! take a n*gga down by any means necessary.”

Mike went on, but not before ending with “Excuse me. My bad I get out of control sometime. Its just that I can still taste his ear in my mouth. It haunts me!”

A very forgiving Holyfield on the phone only had the following to say about the situation:

“You don’t go into a fight just EXPECTING to get your ear bit off know what I’m saying? But hey that’s Mike for you always unpredictable.”

If you’re wondering NO he didn’t get ole’ girl to the bathroom according to the interviewer.

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