Mother Sues Beyonce After Daughter Dies Giving Head on Surfboard…


CALIFORNIA“She ain’t have no business going all the way out in the middle of the ocean just to suck no d**k” Says Jewel Wilmington a grieving mother who admits her daughters actions were wrong, but singer Beyonce is partially responsible for encouraging her young female fans to explore s3x on a surfboard in her song “Drunk In Love”.

Jewel Wilmington filed a lawsuit today after her daughter died Thursday afternoon on a surfboard while giving 0ral favors to her boyfriend in the ocean.

“The little b**ch was always talking about a surfboard, but could drown in a tub. She know black folk can’t swim” Said Mrs Wilmington with tears in her eyes about her daughter reciting the lyrics to Beyonce’s song days before her death.

“Us Wilmington’s can dance, play some ball, and will fight a n**ga if we have to, but swimming just ain’t in our DNA”.

Apart from suing Beyonce for five million dollars Mrs Wilminton is also going after the hospital that was unable to save her daughter’s life citing them as unprofessional as her official death certificate read “suffocation by way of the ‘D’ “.

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