MTV ‘True Life: I Can’t Stop Twerking’ Girl Paralyzed from the Waist Down After Twerking 7 Hours Straight…

mtv true life twerking


CALIFORNIA — Chronic twerker Vaquesha Joyner featured on MTV’s ‘True Life: I Can’t Stop Twerking’ has good news she’s stop twerking, but only after being paralyzed from the waist down after a twerk session lasting more than 7 hours.

“I practicing this move I saw on Youtube, where you put your head between your legs & kiss your own ass, guys love it” said Vaquesha while attempting to perform the move in her wheelchair, finally giving up then saying “I’ll live to twerk again” right before having her cousin remove her limp foot from behind her head. She still practices some moves with the help of family members even though her doctor strongly advised against it.

Vakisha hopes to make a full recovery and some day walk again, but most importantly to her, twerk again.

**Note** Click here to see the move that left Vaquesha’s spinal cord severely damaged.

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