Nba Fines James Harden 3 Ron Artest Elbows to the Face for Throwing Up Gang Signs; Says “I Also Crip Walked 2 the Locker Room”

james harden gang signs

james harden gang signs

Wednesday, June 6 NBA commissioner David Stern came to the conclusion that he would make an example out of James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder for his recent indiscretions during a game.

“We at the National Basketball Association are a very well respected group of men and women who represent the finest basketball league of the world and will not have a name I’ve built up over 30 years torn down by 1 basketball player that obviously has no respect for what the NBA represents which is white men watching him play ball for millions while we make billions, but that’s besides the point.”

James Harden will be punished to the full extent. At this point they have decided to not hit him in the pockets, but do something that will have a more physical and possibly haunting impact on him for his remaining time in the NBA.

“Were fining him to 3 elbows to the face from fellow NBA player Metta World Peace. It has already been approved by the board and is being put into action as we speak. It could possibly be broadcast live on Pay Per View, but at this time we haven’t decided” Says Stern.

James Harden brought this upon himself and even after hearing his punishment continued to brag about what he did  ”I also crip walked ALL the way to the Locker Room, but yall didn’t see that shit. I’m bout that life.” Says Harden with his snagger tooth grin as he rubbed his cheek thinking about his upcoming punishment.

I also heard that James cannot fall during his punishment; He must take 3 consecutive elbows to the face and if he falls during any one of them he’ll have to take all 3 again. CreamBmp

Just in case yall forgot:

metta world peace elbow james harden

Do you think the punishment is a little harsh?

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