Obama Launches Nationwide “Teach Negros to Swim” Campaign; After Remembering Whitney Houston & Rodney King Both Drown to Death

negros to swim campaign obama

negros to swim campaign obama

Washington, DC–The death of 2 iconic celebrities in the past few years by way of water has inspired President Obama to press forward on a campaign I for 1 will support.

The “Teach Negros to Swim” campaign will give free lessons to all Negros at local YMCA’s and/or swim centers 1 day a week to ages 15 and under. All swimmers must be at least 1% African American and a 20 year resident of the United States.

“My goal with this initiative is that all Negros will live to swim another day and a couple mo’ votes come election day, of course.”

Said Obama with his signature grin as he walked off from the podium with a bop that most can only describe as very “pimp” like. Obama plans to roll this out pending him being re-elected or not.

I wanna know where they will get the money to fund this little “negro” operation?!?

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