PETA Say They Too Busy Laughing at Wiz Khalifa’s Album Cover to Care About the Dead Dalmatian on His Back

ONIFC album cover wiz khalifa

ONIFC album cover wiz khalifa

PETA makes it there business to aggravate the hell out of celebrities to the point of them apologizing or making a donation in the form of a full nude magazine spread, but in the case of Wiz Khalifa they found his album cover for ONIFC rather amusing and assured their members that “the fur Wiz is wearing is most likely 100% rats ass.”

“Surprised he didn’t skin a Giraffe and wear it as a jacket considering he looks like one.” Said one angry PETA member who admitted to liking Wiz’s music, but doesn’t plan on listening to anymore of his “smoke anthems” due to the foolishness he calls an album cover.

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