STUDY: Prison Rape at All Time High, Police Warn Criminals Now is Not the Time to Commit Crimes…

prison rape all time high

New York“Dropping the soap would Not be in your best interest”Says Captain Johnson of the New York police task force when speaking on the recent up rise in non-consensual prison sex.

To put this into statistics form for every 5 prisoner cells atleast 3 are having sex at this very moment; It’s becoming a real problem.

Johnson also said “Prisoners are losing sleep due to this and its causing inmates to become more aggressive and we’ve had to increase staff by 5% just to keep things under control. I’ve been pulling all nighters.”

When ask what should criminals do for the time being if they’re not up for getting raped in prison? He responded:

“I suggest anyone who has been planning to commit a crime to wait atleast 3-4 months around the colder months and inmates aren’t in what we like to call “prison heat”, because even though prison is punishment we like for our inmates to have the best experience possible when visiting us whether permanently or for an extended stay.”

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