Reporter Who Kissed Will Smith Says He Was Confused by Gay Rumors & That Vicious Slap (Interview)

During a press conference for Men In Black a reporter attempted to kiss Will Smith in the mouth; He responded with a backhand slap. Of course TMZ was first on the scene as usual; Being that they have actual cameras that ride around in celebrities asses on the daily.

The Ukrainian reporter that attempted to kiss Will Smith wanted to clear things up before everything got out of hand.

Reporter Vitalii Sediuk sat down with TMZ and had the following to say about the altercation:

“I was unaware that Will Smith was not openly gay. I was highly confused by his response to my kiss; He seemed to like the first two I planted on his cheeks.

When Vitalii attempted to kiss Will Smith on the mouth things got out of hand and Will Smith jerked back thought about what had happened and responded with a “pimp-like” back hand slap across the face.

How do you feel about being slapped by Will Smith what were your initial thoughts at the time?

“The slap actually turned me on to be honest. Ive never been slapped by a man before well not without already expecting it. It also confirms what I initially thought about Will Smith; He likes cock.

What grown ass man slaps another man?!?”

One African American by-stander that witnessed it all had the following to say:

“I think people get Will fucked up with the nice guy role he plays in the media. At the end of the day what people fail to remember is that he’s still a black man from West Philly.”

Finally Vitalii said the following:

“I apologize for my actions and hope Will and I can meet privately—off record and share an intimate kiss sometime in the near future.”

Come to find out this was the same reporter that gave that Walking time Machine Madonna some hydrangias after finding out that she was allergic to them. So he’s quite the prankster.

To see the video in question watch below:

via Necole Bitchie

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