Chinese Engineer Contracts STD After Having Sex with Robot Doll

“That robot pwussy was DYNOMITE. Worth every STD” – Chinese Engineer

CHINA – A Chinese specialist has purportedly gotten a STD in the wake of having sex with a sex robot model.

Phuck Yu Mang, articulated “f*ck you mang”, has allegedly tested positive for HIV after he had intercourse with a sex robot model. As per reports, Phuck is a sex robot designer for a Chinese neighborhood organization, and would consistently engage in sexual relations with the sex robot models to guarantee they will be alright for human utilization.

As per Phuck, he started feeling influenza like side effects in the wake of having intercourse with the latest model.

Phuck at that point went to get tried and was certain for HIV. Phuck says he was sure it was the robot:

“I know it was the robot since i’ve been dry of late, the last time I engaged in sexual relations with a genuine lady was 1 year prior, so it can’t be that individual. I can’t trust it man, not by any means female robots are faithful”.

Other organization engineers are as of now attempting to discover how Phuck figured out how to contract HIV from the model when it’s not a living individual. Sex robots are accepted to be accessible for purchase in the not so distant future.