Don’t Get MO’ Ignant than This LOL, Love & Hip Hop Launches “Many Faces of Stevie J” Spades Playing Cards!! (Get’em While They Last!)

many faces stevie j playing cards

many faces stevie j playing cards

The very pimp-like persona that Stevie J carries on LHH Atlanta has paid off big time. BMP Daily has learned that the producers of LHH teamed up with card manufacturer Aviator to release a set of playing cards named “Many Faces of Stevie J” that will capitalize off of the facial expressions he has made in many episodes of the coonish hit tv show.

“Cards have been around for a long time and haven’t seen any change needless to say all black people love a good game of Spades so what better race to collaborate with. Stevie J embodies what every African American man is or represents so we had to have his face involved some way, some how.”

Says the Vp of marketing at Aviator who also said “I’ve spent many days shadowing Stevie J since forming this partnership to make sure that the cards have his “African American Flava”.”

The working title of “Many Faces of Stevie J” is just an initial name chosen for promotional reasons; Aviator has decided to let the many fans of Stevie J come up with a name for the would-be cards.

If you think you have the best name for Stevie J spades playing cards “LIKE” the Facebook page by clicking here and post your name idea on the wall.

If your name is chosen out of the finalist you will receive a check for $10k and future compensation based on sales. Go to and “like” the page now.

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