Tyler Perry Plans to Create a Horror Movie Based Off the Past 3 Weeks of Ochocinco’s Life

tyler perry chad ochocinco movie

tyler perry chad ochocinco movie

Chad Ochocinco after coming off a long week of bad news finally has a light at the end of his bald headed tunnel. Film Director Tyler Perry best known for playing a cross dressing negro name Madea has bought the rights to the past 2 weeks of his life.

“Think of the scariest movie you’ve ever watched, now multiply that by 100! That’s Ochocinco’s life over the past 2 weeks. Scary as sh*t!”

- Says Perry.

Over the last 2 weeks Ochocinco has been arrested, cut from his team and accused of sleeping around with some of the ugliest hoe’s known to man.┬áIn other news NFL player Terrell Owens was relieved of his position for the Seattle Seahawks.

Baldhead n*ggas are having the worst week ever.

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