UCONN Huskies NCAA Title to be Revoked After Players Test Positive for Performance Enhancement Drugs…


ARLINGTON“White man can’t jump, but I know black man can’t jump that much higher than white man that’s for damn sure” Said head coach of Kentucky after seeing his team lose to the Huskies last night for NCAA championship.

The UCONN Huskies are under investigation after players in their starting line up tested positive for performance enhancing drug usage prior to their championship game.

“In a close game there’s always a chance of bad calls, injuries and n**gas using drugs. It never fails” Said the mother of one of Kentucky’s players about the news that some or all of the UCONN Huskies starting line up might have taken part in the use of performance enhancing drugs. “We new they were on weed, but nobody ever thought a couple guys from ghetto could get their hands on on Grade A performance drugs”

As of now the NCAA is conducting a thorough investigation where they hope to find the supply of the PED’s, but many of the players mother’s are already pointing their finger at the white man.

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