Study Shows that 78% Of People Press ‘Skip’ Whenever a Birdman Verse Comes on During a Song…

skip birdman verse

Although a great business man it’s no secret that Cash Money CEO Baby is one of the worst rappers bar for bar ever heard on a rap song. (comparable verses see Lil B)

Listening to a full verse will leave you traumatized to say the least that’s why a group of students at Georgia State not taking this lightly hit the streets of Atlanta to ask people; What they do whenever they encounter a verse from Lil Wayne’s Daddy?

They were kind enough to sum it up in the pie chart below: (Please share to keep any possible victims informed)

skip birdman verse

Let me remind you Birdman is a 43 year old man with a star tattooed in the middle of his head; So maybe we’re all expecting too much from him.

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