Tmz Uses Picture of Beanie Sigel to Announce WorldstarHipHop Founders Death

“Loved him in State property”

Said one TMZ employee about WorldstarHipHop founder after mistaking him for rapper/actor Beanie Sigel.

Popular celebrity news site TMZ used a picture of rapper Beanie Sigel when announcing the death of WorldstarHipHop founder Q Lee O’Denat.

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Cam Newton Retiring from NFL to Open Up a Thrift Shop

“Tryna get Macklemore to go in with me but he’s not returning my calls.”

Says Cam Newton about “Thrift Shop” singer/rapper/culture stealer Macklemore.

Panthers Quarterback has informed teammates that he will be taking his talents elsewhere to open up a trendy Thriftshop in the Charlotte area.

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Mayweather Kids Put on Punishment for Lying to Mother “Daddy Read Us Bedtime Stories”

“Now yo daddy can do a lot of things, but reading ain’t one of them”

Said mother to two of Mayweather’s children about them lying at a young age.

Two of Mayweather’s children were put on punishment for lying to their mother about the whereabouts of their father during a weekend stay at the Mayweather mansion.

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Expert Says Mayweather Ran a Combined 400k Miles in Ring During Boxing Career

“When your natural defense is to run in the opposite direction of every punch during a fight. It happens. He could’ve ran around the United States twice.”

Said a Las Vegas boxing expert who claims to have seen every Floyd Mayweather fight frame by frame and has done the math and research.

Las Vegas boxing expert, Hendry Bigone says Floyd Mayweather has ran over 400,000 miles in his career during fights where the boxer chooses to run instead of stand toe to toe and get his sh*t pushed in like every other boxing legend.

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Study Shows 10 Out of 10 Rap Fans Press Skip When They Hear a Birdman Verse

“There’s garbage verses than there’s Birdman verses. He should hire the n*gga that write for Drake”

Said one rap fan who participated in the survey.

A Study held by the RIAA shows that 99.9% of rap fans press skip whenever they hear a Birdman verse no matter on Pandora, Apple Music, or just listening through their AUX cord.

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