Expert Says Mayweather Ran a Combined 400k Miles in Ring During Boxing Career

“When your natural defense is to run in the opposite direction of every punch during a fight. It happens. He could’ve ran around the United States twice.”

Said a Las Vegas boxing expert who claims to have seen every Floyd Mayweather fight frame by frame and has done the math and research.

Las Vegas boxing expert, Hendry Bigone says Floyd Mayweather has ran over 400,000 miles in his career during fights where the boxer chooses to run instead of stand toe to toe and get his sh*t pushed in like every other boxing legend.

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Study Shows 10 Out of 10 Rap Fans Press Skip When They Hear a Birdman Verse

“There’s garbage verses than there’s Birdman verses. He should hire the n*gga that write for Drake”

Said one rap fan who participated in the survey.

A Study held by the RIAA shows that 99.9% of rap fans press skip whenever they hear a Birdman verse no matter on Pandora, Apple Music, or just listening through their AUX cord.

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Mariah Carey Says She Divorced Nick, Because His D**K Game Corny as He Is

“He really is Nickelodeon corny”

Said Mariah during a steamy interview about her ex husband Nicholas Cannon.

Mariah Carey told an audience that her ex husband pipe game was corny as his personality which everyone knows Nick is cornier than corn so I need not explain.

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Suge: “NWA Ran Train on Girl that Infected Eazy E “Rest Us N*ggas Just Got Lucky, Lol”

“We was all straight out of Compton and condoms that night, but somehow rest of us pulled out H.I.V free”

Said Suge when asked about his s3x life as a young famous man in the hip hop industry.

Suge Knight said during an interview from his cell that him and members of NWA ran the train on the girl who allegedly gave rapper Eazy E H.I.V., but some how they got lucky and didn’t contract the disease.

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Lil Boosie: “Flavor Flav Been Getting P*ssy Off Telling Hoes He My Father”

“I’m beating his ass on sight. Turn them dreads into a Boosie Fade”

Lil Boosie bad azz is accusing Flavor Flav of using his dope boy almost a dope head look to bag women by telling them that he is Lil Boosie’s biological father.

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Kanye Legally Changes Last Name to ‘Kardashian’, Making Him Kanye Kardashian

“This also makes him the only Kardashian that doesn’t love black cock”

Said a courthouse reporter who witnessed the whole thing go down in Los Angeles.

Rapper Kanye West according to TMZ has legally changed his last name to ‘Kardashian’ making him Kanye Kardashian, and also the only Kardashian that doesn’t like black men.

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Young M.A. Fan Hospitalized After She Threw Strap-On into Crowd Hitting Girl in Eye

“Never caught a dick to the eye. Well a plastic dick. Greatest night of my life”

Said one unfortunate Young M.A. fan after being hospitalized with a bruised cornea.

A Young M.A. fan was hospitalized during her New York show after the rapper and part time gay threw an autographed strap on into the crowd hitting one fan dead in the eye.

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Over 200 Doctors Now Prescribing J. Cole’s New Album to Treat Insomnia

“Listening to it is like swallowing a whole bottle of sleeping pills without that nasty side effect called death.”

Said one North Carolina doctor who says he’s been letting his insomnia patients listen to the rappers Album.

Bryan Brenksy M.D. says he’s prescribed J. Cole’s album ‘4 Your Eyez Only’ to numerous patients who have experienced sleeplessness,and they have been instantly cured.

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Kanye Spazzes on White Fan for Asking “Ain’t You that N*gga from Blade?!?”

“Get it right! I’m Kanye West. Music God, and black leader.”

Said Kanye to a fan while visiting New York.

Kanye who dyed his hair blonde after leaving a mental facility earlier last week got into a brief altercation with a fan who asked the rapper “Ain’t you that n*gga from Blade” who was actually played by Wesley “What’s taxes?” Snipes.

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Mike Jones Sentenced to 4 Months Jail for Never Paying $200K Cell Phone Bill

“281-330- Don’t call that number no’ mo”

Said Mike Jones jokingly when revealing he reached a settlement with cell phone provider Sprint.

Mike Jones will serve four months in jail plus pay a $5,000 fine for defaulting on an agreement made with Sprint over 10 years ago.

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