Floyd to TI “I Might Cant Read but I Spelled My Name on Tiny’s P*ssy. Its mine”

“T.I. vocabulary big. Well my wallet big. I’ll bought yo b*tch”

Said Floyd in a Instagram Story video.

Floyd Mayweather posted a video in response to news that he is smashing the rappers wife, and TI’s personal response on his own Instagram.

“When a rich nigga want you. And your nigga can’t do nothing for ya. These hoes ain’t loyal.” – Floyd’s Bodyguard

Floyd says TIP doesn’t want it with him in these streets or in the sheets. Just ask Tiny.

Meek Mill Ask Rick Ross to Borrow $300K to Pay Off The Game Goons

“Meek better sell one of them ‘rollies’ he always rappin’ about”

Said Rick Ross on WorldstarHipHop’s new podcast radio show.

Rick Ross told Worldstar founder that Meek Mill asked him to borrow $300,000 to pay off the Game’s goons.

“Wale last album went ‘nickel’ and he never needed to borrow money”


Rick Ross says Meek gotta learn to keep his mouth shut. Rather he’s talking to other rappers or his former coworkers cops.

Study Shows New York Men Treat Timberlands Better than Their Significant Other

“8 out of 10 New York men said they would hold the door open for their Timbs, before these hoes. Its a serious issue.”

A New Study shows that most New York men are more of gentlemen for their Timberland boots than their significant other.

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Stacey Dash Says Cops Kill Black People, Because We Act Like Niggas

“Sagging your pants and speaking ebonics to an officer is the quickest way to get your head blown off”

Said Stacey Dash on her Twitter.

Stacey Dash says that black people need to learn how to act less black by speaking proper english, dressing better, and not back talking an officer of the law, because he’s there to help you.


“They think they rule the world, but the only thing they rule is black twitter.” – Stacey Dash

Stacey says if she could be white she would, but being black has kept her employed, by continuously exposing the truth about her people.

Rapper Young Thug Changes His Name to a Symbol

“I’m the artist formerly known as Young Thug.”

Rapper Young Thug also known as Jeffery has changed his name once again and is now known simply as a symbol that resembles a d1ldo.

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Rob Says He Found “How Much Child Support Can I Get” in Chyna’s Browser History

“She googled my networth and everything. Which is $0, but I’m living off Kim so I’m worth at least $100 million.

Rob Kardashian says things went south with Chyna after he found the search phrase “How much child support can I get” in her browser history. “That was the last straw”

“Sh*t broke my heart. How could an ex-stripper that had her first baby by a rapper only want me for my money? Just doesn’t make sense” – Rob

Rob says if she searched his browser history the only thing you’ll find is “painless ways to kill yourself.”

Kanye Legally Changes Last Name to ‘Kardashian’, Making Him Kanye Kardashian

“This also makes him the only Kardashian that doesn’t love black cock”

Said a courthouse reporter who witnessed the whole thing go down in Los Angeles.

Rapper Kanye West according to TMZ has legally changed his last name to ‘Kardashian’ making him Kanye Kardashian, and also the only Kardashian that doesn’t like black men.

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Cam Newton Retiring from NFL to Open Up a Thrift Shop

“Tryna get Macklemore to go in with me but he’s not returning my calls.”

Says Cam Newton about “Thrift Shop” singer/rapper/culture stealer Macklemore.

Panthers Quarterback has informed teammates that he will be taking his talents elsewhere to open up a trendy Thriftshop in the Charlotte area.

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Tyga Enters Guinness World Records for Most Cars Repo’d in a Year

“A win is a win.” -Tyga

Said Rapper Tyga after recieving the news that his 5th car within a year had been repossessed and he was entering Guinness Book World Records.

Rapper Tyga had his 5th car repossessed in a single year according to TMZ which was a Maybach valued at over $300,000 dollars, which qualified him to enter the Guinness Book World Records for most cars repo’d within a year.


“Niggas worried bout my Ferrari’s, Bentley’s and Lambo’s getting repossessed when they can’t even put gas in the Honda.” – Tyga