Young M.A. : “I’m So Gangsta My Period Afraid to Come On”

“I ain’t had a period since I realized I liked barbie more than Ken”

Rapper Young M.A. claims she hasn’t had a period since she was around 13 years old, and realized she was a gay-gangster and ever since that day her menstrual cycle has been afraid to come on.

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50 Cent’s Son Legally Changes Name to ‘Ja Rule’ to Get Back at Father

“That’s the only thing he hates more than dark skin women. Ja Rule”

Said Marquise on his Instagram account.

50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson legally changed his name to Marquise ‘Ja Rule’ Jackson he says to simply upset his father who has neglected him since birth.

“His mama had to co-sign that bullsh*t so I’m coming for that hoe head” – 50 Cent


50′ son Marquise ‘Ja Rule’ Jackson says he has a song in the works with rapper Ja Rule which marks the first song people will probably listen to from the rapper in almost 6 years.

Kevin Gates Says He’ll Miss Eating Booty More than Family While in Jail

“Blood thicker than water, but b00ty thicker than blood.”

Said rapper Kevin Gates during an interview with the Breakfast Club before heading off to jail.

Rapper Kevin Gates has been sentenced to 180 days in jail following him being proven guilty of assaulting a fan with a mean chest kick.

“B00ty and I just got a bond that can’t be explained” – Kevin


Kevin Gates says he wasn’t trying to offend his family, but his wife understands it must be her ass, because it ain’t her face.

Nicki Comments “Tell Them Bum N*ggas Get Off My Car” on Meek’s IG Picture

“Tell them bum niggas get off my shit”

Said Nicki in a comment on Meek Mill’s instagram.

Meek Mill uploaded a picture of him and some of his Philly niggas sitting on her foreign car and Nicki hopped into her boyfriends comment section and told him to get those bum niggas off my sh*t.

“I bought that for you. Not you and the rest of themnicki-meek-picture-comment niggas in Philly that never made it” – Nicki

Nicki later deleted the comment, but not before The Shade Room screen shotted her comment. This comment just makes Nicki and Meek’s relationship faker than her ass.

Lamar Says New Chick is Impressive, Because She Can Suck His D**k Standing Up

“And I thought cocaine was addictive. Her mouth is a drug.”

Lamar Odom has moved on from the likes of Khloe, and is dating a new chick who is only four foot eleven and the seven foot ex NBA star claims she can give him head while standing up. Front the front, or back.

“I would say she belong in a circus with tricks like that, but then I couldn’t have her here 24/7 showing me what that mouth do while standing up.”

Lamar says he doesn’t see himself ever leaving her unless she comes between him, and his crack cocaine like Khloe did.