The Game Starts GoFundMe to Buy Sean Kingston a Bra for his Titties

“nigga got two more titties than any bitch I ever met”

Said the Game to his 7 million Instagram followers.

Rapper the Game and Sean Kingston have been beefing over a robbery that took place in a night club and after singer Kingston dropped a viral video calling the game gay and a stripper.


“this nigga wear a size double d for dunkin donuts. fat nigga”

The Game says he will help Sean Kingston lose weight by knocking 20 lbs off his ass on sight.

Yung Joc Fights Gay Man in Lenox Mall for Calling Him a ‘Bad Bitch’

“Joc and his hair can get it. He a bad bitch”

Said an Atlanta man who says Yung Joc attacked him for saying that he’s a bad bitch.

Retired rapper Yung Joc attacked an Atlanta man for calling him a bad bitch while he was shopping at Lenox mall.

“He can meet me at my bed. Its going down.”

Yung Joc and the gay man were able to settle without police getting involved after Joc gave the man the recipe for his hair.

Wikipedia Updates Definition of “Hoe” with Picture of Amber Rose

“We tried to fit Kim in the pic with her, but all that ass made the page load slow.”

Wikipedia updated the definition of “Hoe” with a picture of Amber Rose after it was revealed she has dated every current and ex friend’s boyfriend.


“The internet is moving toward more visual elements than text. Who represents the word “hoe” better than a picture of Amber Rose? The Ceo of Slut Walk.”

Amber Rose hasn’t commented on the honor, but we’re sure its a celebratory time for your hoeness, highness.

Kardashian Women Confirm Black Men Have Bigger Penises than White

“We have done extensive research in this area. Trust us.”

Said Kylie and Kim to their millions of Snapchat followers.

The Kardashian women say they know for a fact that all black men have bigger p3nis than white man after their years of extensive research.


“I’ve had all types of p3nises. 6 inch, 8 inch, and then the ones not even worth measuring. Sorry white boys.”

Kardashian’s say that just because they have sampled over 200 different p3nises combined doesn’t make them whores. Its called research.

911 Called to R. Kelly’s Atlanta Mansion After Maid Slips in Pee

“He forgot to put down the wet floor sign”

Said R. Kelly’s maid to a 911 operator after she slipped in a puddle of the R&B singer’s wetness.

A 911 ambulance was dispatched to R. Kelly’s Atlanta mansion after his maid slipped in a puddle of pee while cleaning and pulled a muscle in her back.

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