Young M.A. Pulls Out Penis Reveals She’s a Man During Atlanta Concert

“I could not have chosen to reveal this in a gayer city. I was born with one d**k, and two balls. OOOOuuu!!”

Rapper Young M.A. known for her song “Oooouuu” revealed on stage during a concert in Atlanta that she was born a man by whipping out her private part tucked between her faux lady parts.

“I been wanting to tell the world,but it been too many bad b*tches playing gay tryna f**k so I got that outta the way first.” – Young M.A.

Young M.A. says she plans on continuing her rap career as is, but will simply add an ‘n’ to the end of her rap name.

Young Thug Autographs Fans Penis

“I’m never washing this thing again”

Said a very flambouyant male fan of rapper Young thug after he autographed his man part.

Young Thug signed his name on a fans penis during a meet and greet after a Los Angeles concert Sunday night.

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Kevin Gates Says He’ll Miss Eating Booty More than Family While in Jail

“Blood thicker than water, but b00ty thicker than blood.”

Said rapper Kevin Gates during an interview with the Breakfast Club before heading off to jail.

Rapper Kevin Gates has been sentenced to 180 days in jail following him being proven guilty of assaulting a fan with a mean chest kick.

“B00ty and I just got a bond that can’t be explained” – Kevin


Kevin Gates says he wasn’t trying to offend his family, but his wife understands it must be her ass, because it ain’t her face.

Stacey Dash Says Cops Kill Black People, Because We Act Like Niggas

“Sagging your pants and speaking ebonics to an officer is the quickest way to get your head blown off”

Said Stacey Dash on her Twitter.

Stacey Dash says that black people need to learn how to act less black by speaking proper english, dressing better, and not back talking an officer of the law, because he’s there to help you.


“They think they rule the world, but the only thing they rule is black twitter.” – Stacey Dash

Stacey says if she could be white she would, but being black has kept her employed, by continuously exposing the truth about her people.

Internet Prankster Contracts Herpes After Kissing Kim K’s Butt as a Prank

“Soon as my lips connected with that ass I knew something wasn’t right”

Said Luke Skybrow about deciding to kiss Kim Kardashian’s butt as a prank.

Luke Skybrow a youtube comedian tested positive for herpes one day after kissing Kim Kardashian’s butt as a prank.


“The dress was ass cut out in the back. So there was definitely some lip on ass contact, and that’s where I f*cked up.” – Luke

Luke says he was going to sue her for millions, but she’s already gave him one gift. The gift that keeps on giving. Herpes.

Russell Wilson Blames Ciara for PornHub.com Addiction

“I can barely feel my throwing hand. F*ck around have to retire.”

Said Russell Wilson about masturbating so many times he can barely feel the hand he earns millions with.

Said Russell Wilson about his addiction to PvrnHub.com and admitted to masturbating up to 8 times a day when he’s not taking Instagram selfies with Ciara.


“Its so much easier to type in PornHub.com than to read the bible with her before, after and during s3x”

Russell Wilson insist that he’s had blue balls more than a n*gga stuck in the friendzone.

Amber Rose Ferarri Repossessed by Accident After They Mistake Her for Tyga

“Balling on IG, but sleeping on a mattress in Kylie’s mansion. He might as well be an IG Thot.”

Said Amber Rose.

Hip hop groupie Amber Rose’s 2010 Ferrari was repossessed by accident while sitting outside a nightclub waiting for valet to bring her car which never came. A Los Angeles repossession company thought they seen rapper Tyga exit the same vehicle that he owes $150,000 dollars on.

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Lamar Says New Chick is Impressive, Because She Can Suck His D**k Standing Up

“And I thought cocaine was addictive. Her mouth is a drug.”

Lamar Odom has moved on from the likes of Khloe, and is dating a new chick who is only four foot eleven and the seven foot ex NBA star claims she can give him head while standing up. Front the front, or back.

“I would say she belong in a circus with tricks like that, but then I couldn’t have her here 24/7 showing me what that mouth do while standing up.”

Lamar says he doesn’t see himself ever leaving her unless she comes between him, and his crack cocaine like Khloe did.

Remy Ma Leaves Papoose for Woman She Met in Prison


“6 years of female made it impossible to transition back to d**k”

Said Remy Ma to TMZ outside a New York hotel.

Rapper Remy Ma revealed that she left her husband Papoose after her ex-cell mate was released from prison earlier this week.


“Nobody knows how to make love to a woman. Like a woman. Trust me.”

Remy Ma says she’s willing to support Papoose since his rap career is dryer than her v@gina when they have sex.

Trump Tweets: “Usher Not Allowed in White House with that Herpes Shit”

“Usher was invited. I read that STD story on TMZ. Now he’s UNinvited” Said our President Donald Trump after reading over celebrities invited to sing at a Christmas event at the White House.

Donald Trump says he will NOT allow singer Usher into the White House, because it sets a negative example for kids.

“Just like Usher’s positive Herpes status. I’m positive I don’t want him anywhere near the White House. On God” – Trump

Trump also said he’s never had a a sexual transmitted disease, even though he was a wild boy back in his day.