Fetty Wap Tweeted #AllLivesMatter and His Fans WENT THE F**K IN! (Look at What Else they TWEETED LMAO)

Fetty Wap tweeted #AllLivesMatter and his fans let him know how they REALLY feel…
Check out the tweets below:

I’m sure he didn’t see that coming..lol

He later apologized and punked the f**k out and tweeted something his publicist probably wrote:

Kevin Gates Says He’ll Miss Eating Booty More than Family While in Jail

“Blood thicker than water, but b00ty thicker than blood.”

Said rapper Kevin Gates during an interview with the Breakfast Club before heading off to jail.

Rapper Kevin Gates has been sentenced to 180 days in jail following him being proven guilty of assaulting a fan with a mean chest kick.

“B00ty and I just got a bond that can’t be explained” – Kevin


Kevin Gates says he wasn’t trying to offend his family, but his wife understands it must be her ass, because it ain’t her face.

Tracy Morgan Suing Kim K. After Crashing His Lambo Staring at Her Booty

“That booty should be against the law”

Said Tracy Morgan during a court hearing for his lawsuit against Kim Kardashian.

Tracy Morgan is suing Kim Kardashian after he says he was driving down a Los Angeles street and Kim Kardashian butt backing out of a car caused him to crash his $350,000 Lamborghini into a stop sign.


“I paid for that with hard earned money from my Wal Mart lawsuit”

Tracy is seeking $100,000, and some photos of that ass that’s not already on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram.

Mayweather Kids Put on Punishment for Lying to Mother “Daddy Read Us Bedtime Stories”

“Now yo daddy can do a lot of things, but reading ain’t one of them”

Said mother to two of Mayweather’s children about them lying at a young age.

Two of Mayweather’s children were put on punishment for lying to their mother about the whereabouts of their father during a weekend stay at the Mayweather mansion.

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Young M.A. Makes it Rain D1ldos in Atlanta Strip Club

“One b*tch caught a d1ldo to the eye, and is thinking about suing, but other than that everybody had a good time”

Up, and coming female male chauvinist Young M.A. put on a display in Atlanta’s Magic City when she made it rain male strap on parts to some of her favorite songs


“It was atleast 1,000 d1ldos in the air at the same. damn. time. **future voice”

Young M.A. says she made one s3x shop owner very rich after dropping $30,000 on d1ldos for her gentlemen’s club night out.

Young M.A. Buys Nicki Minaj a Dildo for Her Birthday Says “Meek Ain’t Hitting It Right”

“Meek can’t even handle a rap beef so what he gon’ do with all that booty meat Nicki got”

Said Young M.A. according to Nicki Minaj on the card she sent along with her birthday gift.

Up and coming rapper YOung M.A. bought Nicki Minaj a d1ldo for her birthday, because she believes rapper Meek Mill ain’t hitting it right.

“Meek too busy worried about Drake next move to understand how to please a rich b*tch like Nicki” – Young Ma

Young M.A. says “Nicki I only need 3 minutes maybe even 4, you’d be wanting to marry a n*gga-b*tch”.

pic of them looking at each other all sweet.

Yung Joc Fights Gay Man in Lenox Mall for Calling Him a ‘Bad Bitch’

“Joc and his hair can get it. He a bad bitch”

Said an Atlanta man who says Yung Joc attacked him for saying that he’s a bad bitch.

Retired rapper Yung Joc attacked an Atlanta man for calling him a bad bitch while he was shopping at Lenox mall.

“He can meet me at my bed. Its going down.”

Yung Joc and the gay man were able to settle without police getting involved after Joc gave the man the recipe for his hair.

Xzhibit and Jamal from Empire Fistfight After He Told Rapper He’s Getting ‘Thick’

“He got me confused with the n*gga from Pimp My Ride. I don’t play that gay ish.”

Shyne also known as Xzhibit and to white kids “That guy from Pimp My Ride” got into a fistfight with ‘Jamal Lyon’ on the set of hit show Empire after he told the rapper that he was getting ‘thick’.


“I mean I know I put on a few pounds, and I tend to gain it in my hips. …I’m a n***a with hips. Shit.” – X

From what employees are saying if this fight makes it to video Xzhibit would never be able to rap about being a tough guy again.

Eminem Tells Drake to Chill Before He Fucks Rihanna

“I will fuck your career and dream girl at the same time”

Tweeted Eminem to his 50 million twitter fans.

Eminem tweeted Drake that he should chill on all the beefing rap battle talk before he fucks his dream girl Rihanna and his career up at the same time.

“Drake is an amazing talent, but he’s not a rapper. Quentin is.” – Eminem

Eminem says Drake is good for now, but if he tweets, subliminal’s or even whispers his name he’s gonna let the beige bandit have it.

Kanye Scores 106 Points Against Wheelchair Basketball Team

A charity basketball game didn’t go exactly as planned yesterday when Kanye West scored 106 points against a team of handicapped children in wheelchairs.

The stunned crowd continued to watch the game in the name of charity but several parents grew upset by the actions of West. Fred Skilling, whose sixth-grade son, Sam, left the court crying, took him and his friend home after the first quarter.

As more parents took their children out of the game Kanye began yelling, “Quitters! Quitters! Quitters!” followed by laughter. Another parent was heard saying, “The guy donates five thousand dollars and he thinks it gives him the right to do anything he wants.”

After the game, West told the media, “I set out to break Wilt Chamberlain’s record of points in one game and that’s what I did. It was for a good cause and I couldn’t be happier with my play.”