Rapper Fabolous Proposed to Girlfriend Emily B. at Timberland Boot Store

“He got down on one knee, and was like you dead ass wanna be my wife, b?”

Said Love & Hip Hop’s Emily B about rapper Fabolou’s proposal, before their secret weekend wedding.

Rapper Fabolous proposed to now wife, Emily B at a New York Timberland boot outlet store. They were married this past weekend in a secret wedding.


“Typical New York n*gga. Atleast he took off his NY fitted cap” – Emily B

Emily says here ring is a 5 karat yellow (wheat) diamond shaped like a baby Timberland boot.

Meek Mill Signs Stitches to Dreamchaser Records

“He a dope rapper, and the enemy of my enemy is a friend.”

Said Meek Mill during a Breakfast Club phone call on Power 105.

Meek Mill revealed that he signed rapper Stitches to DreamChaser Records, and many believe its a strategic move, because he’s the only rapper that’s been brave enough to actually run up on The Game.


“Honestly we just got a lot in common. Young n**gas with money, rap our asses off, and we both dislike that fake beard having n*gga that be posing in his draws on Instagram for likes.”

Meek and Stitches plan to have a mixtape out by the end of the week, named L’s on top of L’s.

Yung Joc Fired from Love Hip Hop for Stealing Perm Kits Out Women’s Dressing Room

“They pay us negative $15 dollars an hour. The least they can do is cover a n*gga hair budget.” – Yung Joc

Rapper Yung Joc was fired from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, because he was caught on camera stealing multiple packs of ‘Just 4 Me’ perms from the women’s dressing room.


“We start noticing they were missing when Joseline didn’t have any perm boxes left to lay down her baby hairs” – Stevie J

Yung Joc stands by his innocence, stating he was going to bring them back when he finished being a clown for social media.

Tyrese Calls 50 Cent “B*tch Ass N*gga” for Coming at Taraji Over Empire

“We can hit the ring and I’ll make some loose change out his ass”

Said Tyrese after calling the Queens rapper a ‘B*tch N*gga’ for continuing to come at his Baby Boy co-star Taraji P. Henson.

Tyrese took to his snapchat to call industry friend 50 Cent a b*tch for dissing his friend Taraji P. Henson, because she headlines rival show ‘Empire’.

tyrese and taraji henson

“He a b*tch n*gga. He had 25 beefs and ain’t buss not one n*gga head yet. All talk.” – Tyrese

Tyrese says he wants to have a charity fight between him and 50 so he can beat the 50 cents he has left in the bank out of him.

Tracy Morgan Suing Kim K. After Crashing His Lambo Staring at Her Booty

“That booty should be against the law”

Said Tracy Morgan during a court hearing for his lawsuit against Kim Kardashian.

Tracy Morgan is suing Kim Kardashian after he says he was driving down a Los Angeles street and Kim Kardashian butt backing out of a car caused him to crash his $350,000 Lamborghini into a stop sign.


“I paid for that with hard earned money from my Wal Mart lawsuit”

Tracy is seeking $100,000, and some photos of that ass that’s not already on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram.