Wikipedia Updates Definition of “Hoe” with Picture of Amber Rose

“We tried to fit Kim in the pic with her, but all that ass made the page load slow.”

Wikipedia updated the definition of “Hoe” with a picture of Amber Rose after it was revealed she has dated every current and ex friend’s boyfriend.


“The internet is moving toward more visual elements than text. Who represents the word “hoe” better than a picture of Amber Rose? The Ceo of Slut Walk.”

Amber Rose hasn’t commented on the honor, but we’re sure its a celebratory time for your hoeness, highness.

Jaden Smith Ready for Kids, Says: “I Want Someone to Put a Baby In Me”

“When my 3rd grade teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up?. I told her a woman.”

Said 17 year old Jaden Smith to TMZ cameras.

Jaden Smith revealed that he wanted to carry his first child himself and then is willing to let his girl/boyfriend or whatever he decides to marry carry the rest.


“I’ve been a kid long enough. Time to be an adult and get pregnant”

Jaden says the technology exist, but everyone who went through yet have died and he’s willing to take that risk as soon as he’s of legal age to do so.

Desiigner Performs Future’s Entire Album During 4th of July Parade

“Everybody say we pretty much the same n*gga so I said, F*CK it. Just my way of saluting a hip hop legend”

Rapper Desiigner performed Future’s entire EVOL album during an Atlanta 4th of July Parade and ended the set performing his hit signle ‘Panda’.


“It was like watching Future without the dreads and skinny jeans.” – Concert Fan

Desiigner asked the crowd if they’d like to see him and Future tour together and they went wild, but we’re pretty sure Future will overdose on lean as soon as he hears about it.

Iggy Azalea Reveals Pregnancy by D’Angelo Russell

“I felt like I owed him everything. Including my v@gina after telling me how Nick was dogging me behind my back. We’re gonna have a house full of baby snitches, LOL.” – Iggy

Said Iggy Azalea cheesing with baller and professional snitch D’Angelo Russell.

Iggy Azalea revealed that she’s pregnanty by basketball player D’Angelo Russell after he snitched on teammate Nick Young by recording him saying he slept with other women.


“The good thing about D’Angelo is that I never have to worry about him lying to me, because he would end up telling on himself” – Iggy Azalea

Iggy and D’Angelo plan on getting married along side four ninja turtles since he’s a rat.

Desiigner Had Nightmare that Rapper Future Never Existed

“I had no career and nobody’s rap career to copy. Worst dream ever” – Desiigner

Rapper Desiigner says he had a nightmare that rapper Future never existed and it was the worst thing ever. As he had no career and nobody to copy.


“I was right back at my mama’s house searching Youtube for people to mimic my rap career after”

Rapper Desiigner says he woke up in a cold sweat in his freebandz sweater and dread wig that he only wears when not around cameras.

Gucci Mane Taking Time Off Rap to Go Back to School to Get G.E.D.

“I wanna be a scientist. If I can cook coke. I’m sure I can whip up some shit that might cure aids” Said Gucci Mane

Rapper Gucci Mane announced on his snapchat that he would be taking time off from rap to go back to school and get his G.E.D.


“I changed my health. I changed how I look. Now I want to inspire kids to put down the glock and pick up a book.”

Gucci Mane says he will be getting home schooled until he’s off house arrest and will then enroll in a local G.E.D. program that allows him to bring his gun on campus.

Stevie J Arrested on Stage at B.E.T. Awards for Back Child Support


“This would’ve never happen if Love & Hip Hop wasn’t paying n*ggas minimum wage” – Stevie J

Said Stevie J as he was escorted off stage after presenting an award.

Hip Hop producer Stevie J was arrested for back child support while on stage presenting an award for best rap album during the B.E.T. awards show.


“I should’ve been smashing Josilyn from the get-go since she can’t have kids” – Stevie J

Stevie J owes over $80,000 in back child support so that means he will have to do 100 million and 73 more episodes of Love & Hip Hop or hit the lottery if he plans on ever paying it off.

Remy Ma Leaves Papoose for Woman She Met in Prison


“6 years of female made it impossible to transition back to d**k”

Said Remy Ma to TMZ outside a New York hotel.

Rapper Remy Ma revealed that she left her husband Papoose after her ex-cell mate was released from prison earlier this week.


“Nobody knows how to make love to a woman. Like a woman. Trust me.”

Remy Ma says she’s willing to support Papoose since his rap career is dryer than her v@gina when they have sex.

Drake Says Gucci Mane Doesn’t Smell the Same Believe He’s a Fake

“He usually smells like black & milds and strip club singles”

Said Drake about rapper Gucci Mane on his Instagram page.

Drake says even thought people are saying that it is in fact Gucci Mane he doesn’t believe it, because one thing about a person that doesn’t change and that’s there smell.


“He got the nose of a female. So he would know. Said Drake’s longtime friend 40”

Drake says he’s going to wait until he gets over a cold to confirm, but as of now he’s not believing the hype that its the real Guwop.