Nicki Minaj Hospitalized After Her Buttshots Reach Freezing Temperatures

“R.I.P. to dat ass”

Said one Twitter user after hearing the news.

Nicki Minaj was hospitalized last night after her implants reached freezing temperatures in New York as it got low as 15 degrees in the city. Her boyfriend, and personal punching bag Meek Mill rushed her to the hospital after she was unable to get up from the toilet, because her silicone was froze.

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Dave Chappelle Says Kardashian P*ssy is Ruining the Black Community

“Them hoes cancer to a n*gga.”

Chappelle spoke on Kanye resurfacing with blonde hair on social media last night by saying that Kardashian v@gina is ruining the black community.

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Nick Cannon Says R. Kelly Inspired Him to Piss on A Brazilian Chick

“Drip, drip, drip”

Said Nick Cannon before revealing that R. Kelly inspired him to release himself onto a Brazilian he met hopping the border while boarding a private plane. During an interview on Tax Season Nick Cannon speaks on peeing on a Brazilian chick in the shower after she asked him to do it in the bed “Wasn’t f**king up my 4500 thread count sheets.”

“Kelly legendary for that sh*t. The most I’ve done is knock a b*tch tooth out slapping my stick in her face.”

The opinions of Nick Cannon doesn’t reflect our own opinions, because we believe peeing on your significant other should strictly be an outdoor sport.

Model Sues Birdman After His Gold Toilet Turned Her Butt Green

“I sat on his face, then I sat on that fake ass toilet.”

Said an Instagram model on Birdman’s comment section on Instagram.

Instagram model Vasha Vasquez has filed a lawsuit against “never pay” Cash Money’s CEO Birdman after she says a night of passion with him turned into her butt turning green after sitting on his ‘gold’ toilet.

“I thought he was the number one stunner. Turns out he’s the number one fronter. Fake ass toilet.”

Vasha insist either that $2 million dollar toilet or that 14 carats of bullsh*t Birdman has in his mouth discolored her butt.

Kanye to Kim: “You Can Leave, But That Ass I Paid for Stays”

“I done put more money in yo body than in the bank”

Kanye tells Kim that if she wants to file for a divorce “cool’, but that ass stays according to numerous reports. The “Hey Mama” rapper says he’s invested too much into her body to let her walk away with it.

“I’m not broke, but anything I can use toward that $53 million in debt counts.

Kanye says he doesn’t want Kim’s build a body ways rubbing off on their 3 year old daughter North West.

911 Called to Kylie’s Home After Tyga Threatened Her for Putting Him on Allowance

“I never knew being with a black guy was this expensive. I mean I’ve heard stories, but…”

Kylie Jenner’s neighbor called police to her Calabasus home in California after hearing voices raised after she put boyfriend, rapper Tyga on allowance after he went over his sneaker budget for the month.

“Raising Tyga is starting to get expensive AF.”

Kylie says she’ll give Tyga one more chance, and the only budget she ever allows him to go over is his hairline budget, because otherwise he looks “old AF”.

Xzhibit and Jamal from Empire Fistfight After He Told Rapper He’s Getting ‘Thick’

“He got me confused with the n*gga from Pimp My Ride. I don’t play that gay ish.”

Shyne also known as Xzhibit and to white kids “That guy from Pimp My Ride” got into a fistfight with ‘Jamal Lyon’ on the set of hit show Empire after he told the rapper that he was getting ‘thick’.


“I mean I know I put on a few pounds, and I tend to gain it in my hips. …I’m a n***a with hips. Shit.” – X

From what employees are saying if this fight makes it to video Xzhibit would never be able to rap about being a tough guy again.

Floyd to TI “I Might Cant Read but I Spelled My Name on Tiny’s P*ssy. Its mine”

“T.I. vocabulary big. Well my wallet big. I’ll bought yo b*tch”

Said Floyd in a Instagram Story video.

Floyd Mayweather posted a video in response to news that he is smashing the rappers wife, and TI’s personal response on his own Instagram.

“When a rich nigga want you. And your nigga can’t do nothing for ya. These hoes ain’t loyal.” – Floyd’s Bodyguard

Floyd says TIP doesn’t want it with him in these streets or in the sheets. Just ask Tiny.

Sextape of Charlamagne Tha God Letting Tomi Lauren Call Him “Her N*gga”

“Charlamagne love white women more than white girls love that ‘white girl'”

Being shopped around according to TMZ.

A man who claims to be ex security for Charlamagne Tha God says he has cell phone footage of the two getting it in, and CThaGod even letting Tomi call him the n-word.

“Charlamagne face light skin, but his body blacker than Wesley Snipes. That’s how you know he bleaching”

Charlamagne is denying the allegations but says he definitely would sniff a fart out of her butt if she wasn’t racist.

Young M.A. Buys Nicki Minaj a Dildo for Her Birthday Says “Meek Ain’t Hitting It Right”

“Meek can’t even handle a rap beef so what he gon’ do with all that booty meat Nicki got”

Said Young M.A. according to Nicki Minaj on the card she sent along with her birthday gift.

Up and coming rapper YOung M.A. bought Nicki Minaj a d1ldo for her birthday, because she believes rapper Meek Mill ain’t hitting it right.

“Meek too busy worried about Drake next move to understand how to please a rich b*tch like Nicki” – Young Ma

Young M.A. says “Nicki I only need 3 minutes maybe even 4, you’d be wanting to marry a n*gga-b*tch”.

pic of them looking at each other all sweet.