Over 200 Doctors Now Prescribing J. Cole’s New Album to Treat Insomnia

“Listening to it is like swallowing a whole bottle of sleeping pills without that nasty side effect called death.”

Said one North Carolina doctor who says he’s been letting his insomnia patients listen to the rappers Album.

Bryan Brenksy M.D. says he’s prescribed J. Cole’s album ‘4 Your Eyez Only’ to numerous patients who have experienced sleeplessness,and they have been instantly cured.

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Kanye Spazzes on White Fan for Asking “Ain’t You that N*gga from Blade?!?”

“Get it right! I’m Kanye West. Music God, and black leader.”

Said Kanye to a fan while visiting New York.

Kanye who dyed his hair blonde after leaving a mental facility earlier last week got into a brief altercation with a fan who asked the rapper “Ain’t you that n*gga from Blade” who was actually played by Wesley “What’s taxes?” Snipes.

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Mike Jones Sentenced to 4 Months Jail for Never Paying $200K Cell Phone Bill

“281-330- Don’t call that number no’ mo”

Said Mike Jones jokingly when revealing he reached a settlement with cell phone provider Sprint.

Mike Jones will serve four months in jail plus pay a $5,000 fine for defaulting on an agreement made with Sprint over 10 years ago.

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Rick Ross Banned from His Own Wingstop for Eating Too Much Free Chicken

“Nigga be eating a 60pc. We don’t even have a 60pc.”

Say’s a store manager who’s seen the rapper come through and order 10 dozen wings on the house.

Rick Ross has been banned fro several of his South Florida wingstop locations after franchise owner says the rapper eats too much free chicken wings which has put a dent in the company’s profits.

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Stripper Dies at Mayweather Mansion After Drowning in Singles

“Thats like a lifeguard drowning in water. She was bad at her job.”

Said one of Mayweather’s security guards.

911 was called to Mayweather’s Las Vegas mansion after a dancer stop breathing after a flurry of ones covered her, and was found unconscious at the end of the night.

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