Drake Tells Joe Budden “Go Back to Snorting Coke and Abusing Women”

After DROPPING Bout 35 Diss Tracks Against Drake… Drizzy Responds Telling Joe Budden to Go Back to His Favorite Pasttime!! (Should Drake respond to his diss or just keep it moving?!?)

“The Only Thing I Want to Hear Beat on a Woman is Her Heart”

Said Drake about Joe Budden dissing him on numerous diss tracks dropped within the last two weeks. Joe Budden can be seen waiting beside a pay phone in New York in case his friends call him to let him know that Drake finally responded.

“People say Budden only has ‘Pump It Up’ but he actually had a lot of hits unfortunately most of them were women”

Drake says he has no plans to respond to Joe, because he’s too busy counting Degrassi money.

Gucci Mane Starts a Snapchat Bible Study Group

“I’m gonna start by teaching them how to roll blunts out of pages from the Old Testament.”

Rapper Gucci Mane started a Bible study group that he holds every Tuesday from his Snapchat page.

Gucci Mane says while incarcerated God found him and he also learned how to multitask and do things with the Bible that most just don’t.


“Guwop didn’t find God. God found Guwop” – Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane says he just wants to make the Bible relate to any kid willing to put a blunt in the air and listen.

Fans Start GoFundMe to Raise Money to Free the Real Gucci Mane

“We’re willing to give the Illuminati $200,000, plus sacrifice rappers Desiigner, and Young Thug.”

Gucci Mane fans start a GoFundMe to free the real Gucci Mane from who they think is the illuminati and are willing to sacrifice a few rappers in the process.

“He pretty much created these ATL rap n*ggas so if we sacrfice them maybe we can get back a whole Gucci Mane” – Fan

One way or another we will free the real Guwop and get back the big bellied blunt smoking thug rapper we all love.

Cellmate Says Real Gucci Mane Killed by Accident While in Prison

“Seen it myself. Correction officers beat the ice cream cone off his face. Then he bled out.”

Ex Cellmate of rapper Gucci Mane claims that the trap rapper was actually killed while incarcerated and he doesn’t know what the f**k that is they set free, but it ain’t Gucci.


“Gucci don’t diet. Gucci don’t workout. He do drugs, rap and f**k b*tches. The end. That ain’t Guwop” – Cellmate

Gucci ex cellmate says he has no reason to lie for, because he’s serving a double life sentence so in reality he doesn’t even have nothing to live for.

Gucci Mane Clone Face Tattoo Falls Off During Snapchat Video

“I thought it was a new Snapchat filter, but nah. That n*gga a fake.”

Said one of fake Gucci Mane’s Snapchat followers.

Gucci Mane’s government clone’s infamous ice cream face tattoo fell off his face during a Snapchat video.


“That sh*t peeled off his face like a cheap sticker” – Gucci Follower

Fake Gucci Mane hasn’t responded yet, but his girlfriend, Keyshia Kior did say maybe she sucked his face instead of his d**k by accident the night before.

Three 6 Mafia Fan Starts Gofundme to Buy Dj Paul a New Hand

“I figured I’d give him a hand.”

Said Josh Morten who started a GoFundMe to help get Dj Paul of Three 6 Mafia a new hand.

After a meme featuring the Arthur Cartoon making fun of Three 6 Mafia’s Dj Paul hand went viral a fan of the rapper decided to start a GoFundMe to help him buy a new hand.

“Nigga got the hand of a 3rd grader”

Josh says once DJ Paul gets a new hand he wants to challenge him to an arm wrestling match.