Future Buys Ciara a Dildo for her Wedding Gift

“Because I know Russell ain’t hittin’ it right. If at all.” – Future

Said Future on his Snapchat.

Future revealed to his millions of followers on his Snapchat account that he bought Ciara a dildo for her wedding gift, because knows Russell Wilson ain’t hittin’ right if at all.


“He cant go deep on the field, or in that pwussy like me” – Future

Russell has yet to respond on if they actually accepted the gift and if Ciara is already using it on him.

Future Storms Off Stage After Crowd Asks Him to Perform Panda

“N*gga made a career outta the voice my mama gave me. I ain’t performing sh*t.” – Future

Rapper Future stormed off a stage during a surprise New York show.

Future was rapping his set for a sold out crowd when the audience started to chant “perform Panda” a song by rapper Desiigner which sounds very similar to everything Future does with his music.


“I’d kill a Panda, before I’ll perform it”

Friends close to Future said he really didn’t need that stress, because he’s “this close” to overdosing on lean and calling it quits.

Gucci Mane Clone Face Tattoo Falls Off During Snapchat Video

“I thought it was a new Snapchat filter, but nah. That n*gga a fake.”

Said one of fake Gucci Mane’s Snapchat followers.

Gucci Mane’s government clone’s infamous ice cream face tattoo fell off his face during a Snapchat video.


“That sh*t peeled off his face like a cheap sticker” – Gucci Follower

Fake Gucci Mane hasn’t responded yet, but his girlfriend, Keyshia Kior did say maybe she sucked his face instead of his d**k by accident the night before.

Meek Mill Hood Pass Revoked After Seen Riding Butt to Nuts with Man

“He gonna have to do 200 push ups under water in a hand stand while eating Nicki booty from the back on camera to bounce back from this.” – Hood N*gga

Said one of Philadelphia’s hood generals about seeing videos of Meek riding back to d**k with many different man on his four wheeler and sometimes on his bike.

Meek Mill’s hood pass was revoked after being spotted riding butt to peen with an adult male.


“The n*gga was topless too, b? Topless.” – Another Hood N*gga

Meek says he was just having fun but understands if the arms around the waist was a little too much.

Desiigner Performs Future’s Entire Album During 4th of July Parade

“Everybody say we pretty much the same n*gga so I said, F*CK it. Just my way of saluting a hip hop legend”

Rapper Desiigner performed Future’s entire EVOL album during an Atlanta 4th of July Parade and ended the set performing his hit signle ‘Panda’.


“It was like watching Future without the dreads and skinny jeans.” – Concert Fan

Desiigner asked the crowd if they’d like to see him and Future tour together and they went wild, but we’re pretty sure Future will overdose on lean as soon as he hears about it.