Welven Getting All Types of Vagina Off Looking Like Draymond Green

“Women don’t care how short the bus you road was when you famous”

Viral Star Welven Says He’s Been Getting ALL TYPES of P*ssy from the Fact that He Looks Like NBA Star Draymond Green! (They look alike or nah?!?)


“These hoes got a whole short bus in they throat”

Welven says he’s been with many of your favorite IG models and that he’s also smashed some of you n*ggas b*tches and slobbed on them with their mouth open, because he’s freaky like that.

Cop Shoots At 2 Yr Old Black Baby After Mistaking Pacifier for Gun

“You never know. They start early”

Said a police chief after hearing a two year old’s pacifier was shot out of his hand after the police mistake it for a gun.

A police chief is under investigation after one of his men open fire on a 2 year old, because he mistake the pacifier for a gun.

“My eyes ain’t what they use to be, but yall ain’t gonna sit here and tell me a pacifier don’t look like a gun” – Officer

Officer Markson did apologize to the family and offer to buy them a pack of pacifier’s for their son.

“These guns get smaller and smaller everyday. Anybody could’ve made the mistake”

Midget Suing New York City Subway Says “Hand Rail Always Smells Like Sh*t”

“Just zero respect for my nasal cavities and height deficiency”

A 4’5″ man, John Tramos, says he’s tired of New York City Subway hand rails always smelling like shit and is suing the city after requesting they monitor how passengers hold the rail to see there has been no change.

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Mrs “Cash Me Ousside, Howbow Dah” Says Soulja Boy Got Her Pregnant

“He caught me ousside, but we didn’t fight. We f**ked.”

Said now 16 year old that appeared on Dr. Phill some years ago asking audience members to “cash me ousside” and calling them a bunch of “hoes”.

Danielle Rimsky has been a troublemaker since birth, but her mother never expected her to get pregnant at the age of 16 by a has been rapper named Soulja Boy.

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White Kid Dies of Diabetes After Trying Black Friends Kool Aid for First Time

“I was just tryna fit in”

Said Billy Konaski as he went into diabetic shock after tasting his black neighbors Kool Aid after his family was forced to move to the hood.

Billy Konaski went into diabetic shock and dies after tasting his new black friend’s kool aid for the first time yesterday afternoon.

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