White College Student Wearing Blackface Accidentally Shot Dead by Police

“she fit the description of an African American woman on the loose, armed, and dangerous. With a lot of attitude.”

Said one police officer responsible for 5 of the 17 shots fired bringing Haley Conrad to her death.

College student Haley Conrad was accidentally shot dead by police after they mistake her for a suspect that fit the description of an armed and dangerous African American female breaking into the dormitories.

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New York Mayor Approves Replacing Statue of Liberty with Giant Timberland Boot

“This is deadass the best idea a Mayor ever had b. Facts.”

Said one New Yorker who is all for replacing the statue of libery with a 100ft sculpture of a Wheat Timberland boot.

New York Mayor announced Friday night that a bill had been approved under Trump to replace the Statue of Liberty with something that better represented the city and fellow New Yorkers.

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Retired Cop Selling R.I.P. Shirts of All Blacks He Murdered During Career

“This is what they create when they kill each other, right?”

Said Officer Pekinsky about his R.I.P. shirts he created after retiring from the Alabama police department.

Officer Pekinsky says he doesn’t regret pulling the trigger on a black man or woman not one time during his 15 years as a police officer and to commemorate it he’s creating R.I.P. shirts of all the ones killed during his illustrious career.

“I mean its not like anyone is missing them. They were all good for nothing lazy, crack dealers and baby mama. No future really.” – Pekinsky

Pekinksy says he’s selling the shirts for $15.99 through a partnership with Donald Trump’s website.

Crip Gang Member Drinks Red Kool Aid for First Time, Quits Gang

“I been missing out my whole life.”

One Los Angeles Crip Gang member called it quits after tasting red kool aid for the first time.

Carlos Black says he’s no longer apart of the Compton Crips after drinking Red koolaid for the first time on the low, and realizing all this gang sh*t is stupid, and he just wanted to drink more red kool aid.

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Trump Orders Secret Service to Shoot Hispanic Man for Snatching His Wig Off

“That wig is worth a lot of Pesos ese”

Donald Trump ordered his security team to shoot a Hispanic man who ran up and snatched off his signature hairpiece which highly resembles Garfield’s fur and then ran for cover during a campaign rally.

“That Nigga look like Bernie Sanders” – Protester

Republican 2016 U.S. presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump listens to a question at the first official Republican presidential candidates debate of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign in Cleveland, Ohio, August 6, 2015. REUTERS/Brian Snyder - RTX1NEFT

“That’s why we need walls. One around America and One blocking me from anyone born with a taco in their mouth”.

Trump insist he didn’t say shoot the immigrant. He said “Shoot, damn illegal immigrants” Which is racist, but much better.