Boy Tells Judge He Thought He was Buying “Gas” for his Car, Not Marijuana

“He said he had ‘gas’ for the low, and my car been on ‘E’ all week; So what I look like passing up a good deal.” – Tyrik

Said an Atlanta man facing charges for meeting up with an undercover cop to buy weed with an intent to distribute.

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Lebron James Mom Offers Delonte West Spare Room at Cleveland Mansion

“He already knows the address. I just need the media to get the word out to him. No friend of James should be homeless” – Lebron’s Mother

Lebron James mother reached out to media outlets to let Delonte West who was reported homeless after fans seen him begging for money on the streets.


“I would’ve offered clothes too, but he’s not as big as my son, James. At least in the arms and the legs area, but he’s big where it counts”

Lebron’s mother says the offer is open to Delonte as long as he doesn’t bother Lebron’s headband collection during his stay.

Cocaine Dealer Files Lawsuit Against Chris Brown Says Singer Owes Him $20K

“We was gonna press him, but he got that crackhead strength. So we doing shit the white man way.”

Said Ricardo Suarez a known Los Angeles cocaine dealer.

Chris Brown has $20,000 dollars worth of reasons to clean his life up as a known drug dealer has filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles court for money owed to him from supplying the singer with ‘medicine’ according to documents.

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Nurse Says “My Bad” for Mistakenly Injecting Diabetic Patient with H.I.V. Patient’s Needle


“She tried to turn me into Magic Johnson. The least she could do is pay up.” – Patient

Said a Los Angeles nurses patient after she was mistakenly injected with an H.I.V positive needle.

Shanna Goins mistakenly stuck a diabetic patient with an HIV positive patients needle and her only response to the mishap was “My bad”.


“My bad! I worked 16 hours and it was an honest mistake”

Sharika has been put on unpaid leave until the hospital can get to the bottom of the mishap, but as of now she offers nothing more than an apology.

Pedophile Cries in Court After 11 Year Old Victim Describes His Penis as Small


“She a damn lie. I got inches”

Said a tearful eyed man who was accused of sleeping in bed with a neighbors 11 year old daughter.

Anthony Mitchell was charged with two accounts of sexual conduct with a minor and one account of abuse and alleges the little girl told him she was 26 years old. (Bullsh*t) When she started to describe his private area she said it was ‘teenie weenie’ and he began to break down in court in tears!

“I’m not R. Kelly your honor! Age is more than a number to me” – Anthony

Besides getting his ass deservantly beat by her Father he is now known as lil dickie to all prisoners in general population.