Burger King Cashier Fired for Calling Man ‘Broke Ass Nigga’ After Card Declined

“Well was I lying?”

Said Shaneka who called a Burger King Employee a broke ass nigga, because his card got declined trying to buy a whopper with cheese.

Shaneka claims he was giving her attitude with his eyes and that’s why she was rude once his card was declined since he was flexing trying to buy the two for $10 whopper with cheese meal.

“He ain’t got $10 on his card. He ain’t even got enough gas to drive to Burger King. How he even get here?” – Shaneka

Shaneka was fired later that day, but not before she choked out her manager out with her weave extensions.

Fake Teen Doctor Escapes Jail Dressed as One of Prison Guards

“That n***a good”

Said one prison corrections officer about Malachi Love-Robinson, known for impersonating a gynecologist for over a year.

Malachi Robinson escaped jail dressed as one of the security guards after he was recently rearrested for fraud, once again for leaving the state where he was on probation and falsely co-signing a relatives name to purchase a 2017 Lexus.

“Nigga should be a magician or something and put all that talent to good use” – Corrections Officer

Malachi says this is his last time on the other side of the law and plans to be a lawyer and help

New York Man Kills Wife for Refusing to Wear Matching Timbs at Wedding Ceremony

“I said ‘I do’ and when I needed something from her she said ‘I don’t'”

Said Nathan Conroy of New York who murdered his wife after she refused to wear Timberlands during their wedding ceremony.

Nathan murdered his wife while on their honey moon, because he says she embarrased him for refusing to wear Timberlands during their wedding ceremony in New York which was hosted at a New Era fitted hat factory.


“Mama told me not to marry no white girl. I should’ve listened. They ain’t got no swag” – Nathan

Nathan is now facing 25 years for first degree murder, but hopes he gets a judge born and raised in New York so that he will possibly show leniency.

Man Jumped by Family at Funeral for Saying “I’m Only Sorry She Died before I ‘Hit It’ “

“She had promised me the p*ssy on the 27th. Bih, got hit on the 23rd.”

Said Travanace Jefferson about him speaking on his girlfriend at her funeral.

Travanace spoke at his girlfriend’s funeral after she passed earlier that week and let her family know that he was only sorry she passed before he hit it.

“It was like 1 on 27, but I held my own. Did I die?” – Travanace

A Houston man was killed while attending the funeral of a woman he was dating, because he said that he was only sorry she died, before he ‘hit it’.

Black Teen Dies of Heart Attack After Family Surprises Him with 1st Pair Jordans

“He always loved Jordans, but couldn’t afford to buy a pair, because of being on child support for 4 different kids.”

19 year old Jemon Cannon died from a fatal heart attack after his family surprised him with a new pair of Retro 11 Jordans for his nineteenth birthday.


“He loved Jordans bout as much as he loved not wearing a condom” – Mama

Jemon Cannon will be buried next week in a coffin sized shoe box of the same sneaker that caused his death.