Stripper Has Left Booty Cheek Amputated from Paper Cut Infection

“Its hard pwussy popping on a headstand without having the other leg to balance all that weight”

Sandra Blunson lost the use of her left leg after a paper cut from a dollar bill got infected and doctors had no other choice, but to amputate the cheek and the limb.

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Man Starts GoFundMe to Buy His Girlfriend Some “Edges” for Christmas

“I got tired of her looking like RoboCop with his helmet off”

Said one Florida gentlemen about his girlfriend.

A Florida man took his girlfriend lack of edges into his own hand and created a GoFundMe to pay for a surgery to get her permanent hair restoration for his Christmas.

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Girl Twerking in Library Ass Clapped So Loud, Arrested for Disturbing the Peace

“It sounded like 2 midgets high-fiving on the back of her ass. Set the fire alarm off and everything.”

Said one 16 year old boy who was studying for his permit exam.

A 23 year old Mystika Rolands was arrested for disturbing the peace in a library while shooting a video of her ass clapping very loudly.

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Obese Rapper 21 Sandwich Drops Record Dissing 21 Savage

“You food nigga. i eat you like food nigga. I eat you like 21 sandwiches, 21 sandwiches 21 sandwiches…2017 is mine if I don’t have a heart attack before the year out”

Which is the hook from 21 Sandwich hit single “21 Sandwich A N*gga”.

Up and coming parody rapper 21 sandwiches has dropped a diss record about 21 Savage threatening to eat the rapper, then throw him up, and eat him again. Nasty sh*t.

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Over 320 Deaths by Kangaroo Kick After Thousands Fight Kangaroos Hoping to Go Viral

“People think they got Floyd Mayweather hands and defense, but all these Kangaroo kick deaths determined that was a lie”

Over 320 deaths by Kangaroo kick since a video went viral of a man protecting his dog from a mean headlock from a Kangaroo.

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