Trump Says Pokemon Go Should Help You Find Illegal Immigrants

“Gotta catchem all” – Trump

Said Trump about all the illegal immigrants coming into the U.S.

Trump says Pokemon Go should tweak the app to help you find illegal immigrants living within the United States.

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Monica Lewinsky “I Wouldn’t Give Trump Head If His Name was Bill Clinton”

“If it wasn’t for that awful wig …I might let him put the tip in, but nah.”

Said Monica Lewinksy.

After being asked her thoughts on potential President Donald Trump, and if he was to win would she do him an oral favor in the White House the world famous thot responded “I wouldn’t give him head if his name was Bill Clinton”.

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Trump Calls Hillary a ‘Weak B*tch’ for Staying With Bill Clinton After Getting Head White House

“Hillary too weak of a b*tch to run this country”– Said Trump during a private meeting at the White House.

Trump believes Hillary is too weak to run this country, because if you’ll let a man cheat. You’ll let other countries run us over.

“Hillary can’t run her marriage. So how could she run a country?” – Trump

Trump says he didn’t mean b*tch in a derogatory, but in a weak ass female dog kind of way.

Bill Clinton Punches Trump for Asking Who Has the Better Mouth Monica, or Hillary?

“Bill. Which mouth do you prefer in the White House?”

Said Trump as he was walking past former President Bill Clinton during a Presidential fundraiser.

Donald Trump asked former President Bill Clinton what did Monica and Hillary mouth do which in slang terms means who gives the better fellatio.

“Inquiring minds wanna know. I grab them by the pus’ while you just shove it in their mouths?!?” – Trump

Trump says he just wanted to know so he wouldn’t be the only thing good at sucking running for the Presidential election.

Trump Tweets “Kanye Called Me His N-Word. Told You The Blacks Love Me.”

“Told me I’m Blacker than Obama. Whatever that means”

Said one security guard present during the meet up with President Trump, and Kanye West.

Trump recalls his meeting with rapper Kanye West, and says the rapper referred to him as “my n*gga” which is a term of endearment in the African American community.

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