Floyd Mayweather Arrested for DUI After He Couldn’t Recite the Alphabet

“Yall know damn well I can’t read.”

Said ex boxer Floyd Mayweather after getting arrested for DUI, because he couldn’t recite the alphabet.

Floyd Mayweather was arrested for DUI, because he failed to recite the Alphabet, but he says its because he doesn’t know it. Not because he was drunk.

“I was learning how to run around the ring while yall was learning how to run through the alphabet.”

Floyd was released on $1300 bond, but actually didn’t have to pay bond, but he read his citation wrong.

Knicks Take Out Multi-Million Dollar Insurance Policy on D. Rose Knees


“Healthy or not. We got to secure our financial future with Derrick. We spent a lot of money bringing him here” Said New York Knicks owner.

New York Knicks took out a $5 million dollar medical insurance policy on Derrick Rose that insures them that if he’s ever unable to play they will be compensated.


“I don’t take it personal and I know its just business, but atleast BELIEVING in a n*gga wouldn’t hurt much” – D. Rose

Derrick should be grateful that we took him out the hood of Chicago and living in the shadow of Michael Jordan.

Draymond Green Girlfriend Dumps Him for Kicking Her in His Sleep

“Bruce Lee ain’t got sh*t on him. It’s like sleeping with a UFC fighter.” – Wife

Warriors baller Draymond Green is taking his second L of this week after his girlfriend dumped him, because she’s tired of being kicked in the back while sleeping with her soon to be husband.

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Westbrook’s Mom Says Kevin Durant No Longer Welcome at their House

“No loyalty to my son or a hairbrush. Left my baby for some Warriors”

Said Mrs Westbrook about her son’s former teammate Kevin Durant.

Russell Westbrook’s mother says Kevin Durant is no longer welcome to their home after showing no loyalty toward her son by signing with the Golden State Warriors.


“All that money and won’t comb his damn head. Hell wrong with him” – Mrs. Westbrook

Russell Westbrook says his mother’s words are exactly that “Her words”, but says he agrees Durant has too much money to be walking around with his hair not on fleek.

Floyd Got So Frustrated Reading a Big Worded Text from TI He Threw Phone in Trash

“This is an electronic message sent to inform you, Floyd Mayweather. That it has come to my immediate attention that you have disrespected me, and my marriage to the utmost degree, and I will handle you in the appropriate manner.

I’m popping off on sight, f**k n*gga.”

Friends are saying that boxer Floyd “I got all this money, but can’t read so how did I know to sign the right contract” Mayweather got so frustrated reading a big worded text from r
rapper T.I. about him dancing with his wife that he threw his whole phone in the trash.


“TI could’ve simply told me he gonna pull up on me, but no. This n*gga had me asking my assistant to pull out a dictionary just to read a damn text message.”

T.I. said it was all part of his plan to throw the illiterate boxer off from what he really has planned. A celebrity spelling bee.

Lebron Announces He’s Shaving His Head Bald for 2016-2017 Season

“My hairline will retire before I do”

Said Lebron to his Instagram followers after revealing he’d be cutting his head bald.

Lebron announced that he would be cutting the 30% of hair he has left off and rock a baldy for the 2016-2017 NBA season leaving many fans in shock of why he hasn’t done it sooner.


“About damn time” – Charles Barkley

Lebron’s donating all 72,000 headbands to Goodwill and will debut the new haircut at an upcoming cancer patient event where celebrities will donate their hair to kids going through treatment.

Kevin Durant Tweets “F**k Stephen A. Smith & His Uncle Tom Ass Opinions”

Kevin Durant had some choice words for Stephen A. Smith on his Twitter page this afternoon.

BREAKING: OKC Fan Takes a Shit on Kevin Durant’s Doorstep

The now Warriors baller tweeted “f*ck Stephen A. Smith and His Uncle Tom Ass Opinions” to his 14.3 million followers on Twitter.

Stephen A. Smith dropped a video on his Facebook page down talking the super star for choosing to jump on the Warriors bandwagon to assure himself a championship title.

Stephen A. Smith has yet to respond, but you can bet he has something witty to say hidden deep inside that forehead.

Phelps Says He Owes All His Success to Smoking Insane Amounts of Marijuana

“You can’t spell 25 time Olympic Medalist without marijuana”

Michael Phelps said during an interview after winning a gold medal in 200m swim that he owes it all to smoking insane amounts of weed.

Michael Phelps who has been seen enjoying marijuana once or twice during his Olympic career says he owes all his success to weed.


“Some athletes drink Gatorade. This athlete smokes a shit ton of weed” – Phelps

Michael says once he’s done swimming for a living he plans to invest all his earnings into a weed dispensary that only he can use.

Stephen A. Smith Says The Greatest Comeback in NBA History is Lebron’s Hairline

“He should’ve been fined for his hair follicles. Not flopping. He should’ve went bald 2 championships rings ago.”

Said Stephen A. Smith on his show.

Stephen A. Smith said that Lebron James hairline was the greatest comeback in NBA history when asked by Charles Barkley what was his take on the greatest comeback.

“His hairline is turrible. It should be a misdemeanor to walk around with your hairline in the middle of your head.” – Charles Barkley

Stephen A. Smith says he himself is thinking about going bald, but the new High definition cameras they use on First Take wouldn’t be that flattering on his aging forehead.

Jordan: “Westbrook Can’t Keep Repping Jordan Brand Wearing All that ‘Gay Sh*t’ “

“That boy Caitlyn Jenner with the swag” – Jordan

Jordan said during a conference hearing for brand Jordan.

Michael Jordan says Russell Westbrook can no longer sponsoring Jordan Brand if he continues to wear feminine-gay sh*t.

“Jordan brand is created for the finest athletes. Not for athletes who like to look at the finest athletes.” – Jordan

Jordan says he has a closet full of old manly clothes that Westbrook can borrow if he needs male style advice.