Magic Johnson’s Son to Be NBA’s First Male Cheerleader

“All them skinny white girls dancing they need a thick b*tch like me”

Magic Johnson’s openly gay son, EJ Johnson is petitioning with the NBA to become the leagues first male cheerleader, and with his legendary father backing him its looking like it just might happen.
(magic looking like whatever and him all excited)

“I wanna pick up where my dad left off. Carry on his NBA legacy.”

Magic Johnson’s son says his decision is final “I’m as positive as my Father about becoming the first openly gay NBA cheerleader.”

Stephen A. Smith Says The Greatest Comeback in NBA History is Lebron’s Hairline

“He should’ve been fined for his hair follicles. Not flopping. He should’ve went bald 2 championships rings ago.”

Said Stephen A. Smith on his show.

Stephen A. Smith said that Lebron James hairline was the greatest comeback in NBA history when asked by Charles Barkley what was his take on the greatest comeback.

“His hairline is turrible. It should be a misdemeanor to walk around with your hairline in the middle of your head.” – Charles Barkley

Stephen A. Smith says he himself is thinking about going bald, but the new High definition cameras they use on First Take wouldn’t be that flattering on his aging forehead.

Man Accidentally Sets House on Fire Burning Kevin Durant Jersey

“I was just tryna look cool for Snapchat and ride for OKC” – Bryan

Said 24 year old Bryan after setting fire to his Kevin Durant Jersey.

Bryan set fire to his Kevin Durant’s jersey in his mother’s basement, but forgot to put the fire out before leaving to go upstairs for dinner. Once he returned the whole basement was in flames and they had to exit the house immediately.


“My mama gon’ kill me” Said Bryant to Channel 2 news in Oklahoma about the mistake he made while showing love for Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team.

Bryan said his Mother will most likely kick him out the house now and he’ll have to go find a real job.

Phelps Says He Owes All His Success to Smoking Insane Amounts of Marijuana

“You can’t spell 25 time Olympic Medalist without marijuana”

Michael Phelps said during an interview after winning a gold medal in 200m swim that he owes it all to smoking insane amounts of weed.

Michael Phelps who has been seen enjoying marijuana once or twice during his Olympic career says he owes all his success to weed.


“Some athletes drink Gatorade. This athlete smokes a shit ton of weed” – Phelps

Michael says once he’s done swimming for a living he plans to invest all his earnings into a weed dispensary that only he can use.

Draymond Green Diagnosed with ‘Down Syndrome Face Ass’

“It definitely explains the obsession with kicking people in the nuts”

Said the doctor who diagnosed the NBA star.

Draymond Green was diagnosed with Down Syndrome Face Ass after a doctor who’s a fan seen random pictures of the basketball player online and called him in for a consultation.

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