Kylie Tweets She Tired of Paying Tyga Child Support Just So He Can Stay Out Jail

“I thought because he was mixed his credit would atleast be decent, but nope. That’s fucked up too.”

Kylie Jenner went on a Twitter rant explaining that she was sick and tired of paying for her boyfriend Tyga’s child support just so his ex wouldnt’ lock him up for child support

Kylie Jenner tweeted to her 30 million Twitter followers that she was tired of paying for child support and asked them what she should do to encourage Tyga to get off his ass and write another ‘Rack City’.


“Then gonna have the nerve to propose to me. Propose for what? N*gga you broke” – Kylie

Tyga hasn’t responded yet, but probably because negros with no job sleep to at least 12pm. 3pm on weekends.