Martha Stewart’s Husband Pulls Gun on Snoop Dog for Smashing His Wife

“Cuz tripping. As I said in ’94: We don’t love them….”

Said Snoop as police apprehended Martha Stewarts husband after he showed up to the recording studio of the rapper, with a pistol in hand.

Martha Stewarts husband of 15 years showed up to the home/recording studio of Snoop Dogg with a 357 revolver ready to make the 45 year old rapper leak weed residue after accusing him of sleeping with his wife.

“Martha wasn’t only an amazing wife, business women, and mother to our kids. She could also suck a mean one, and I will forever miss that” – Husband

Martha’s husband admits that the gun wasn’t loaded, and expected Snoop being the gangsta that he is would’ve shot him first, and spent the rest of his life in jail.