Young M.A. Buys Nicki Minaj a Dildo for Her Birthday Says “Meek Ain’t Hitting It Right”

“Meek can’t even handle a rap beef so what he gon’ do with all that booty meat Nicki got”

Said Young M.A. according to Nicki Minaj on the card she sent along with her birthday gift.

Up and coming rapper YOung M.A. bought Nicki Minaj a d1ldo for her birthday, because she believes rapper Meek Mill ain’t hitting it right.

“Meek too busy worried about Drake next move to understand how to please a rich b*tch like Nicki” – Young Ma

Young M.A. says “Nicki I only need 3 minutes maybe even 4, you’d be wanting to marry a n*gga-b*tch”.

pic of them looking at each other all sweet.