P. Diddy Pays Bad Boy Tour Artist in Ciroc

Artist on P Diddy Bad Boy Tour Say He Tried to Pay Them in Bottles of Ciroc….(Diddy CHEAP & COLLLLLD Blooded LMAOO)

“N*gga cheaper than Birdman” Artist on Diddy’s Bad Boy Tour say he attempted to pay some of them with cases of Ciroc instead of their performers fee.


“You get a bottle and you get a bottle. He was handing them shits out like Oprah”

Said one artist that chose to remain nameless.

Lil Kim tweeted her frustrations with Puffy after the BAD BOOOOY Ceo tried to pay the $20,000 he owed her in cases of Ciroc.

“Bum n*gga tried to pay me with a case of Ciroc. F’ that I want my $20,000. A b*tch gotta keep her face bleached.” – Lil Kim

Would you let Diddy pay you in Ciroc??