Rob K: “I Put Plan B in Chyna’s Coffee After The Condom Broke. Didn’t Work”

“He thought he was gonna get off easy. Nope got one of yo kids. Got you for 18 years. Should’ve listened to Yeezy”

Said Blac Chyna about her child’s father Rob Kardashian after he admitted that he tried to put a plan b pill in her coffee when he found out she was pregnant.

Rob Kardashian admitted they’re reality show that he tried to ‘Plan B’ in Chyna’s coffee after realizing the condom broke.

“I wasn’t ready for 18 years of begging Kim to pay my child support to some stripper, but then I fell in love” – Rob Kardashian

Rob K says he now regrets putting Plan B in her coffee, and wished he mixed it with bleach.