Yung Joc LookAlike Charged with Rape for Impersonating Rapper to Smash Groupies

“I just knew it was him, because I thought that nose was one of a kind.”

Said one woman who was fooled by the Yung Joc lookalike.

Rapper Yung Joc’s impersonator real name Treyson Billyards, was charged with rape for using the rapper’s celebrity to unwillingly bed women following the rapper’s concerts.


“I thought it was a funny that he had that perm on Twitter, but when we met him after a concert his hair was nappy as ever, but I still f*cked him.” – Groupie Victim

As so many women were shocked to hear what was done there were just as many surprised to find out Yung Joc still has groupies.

“They were literally both the same amount of ugly”