5 Reasons Women Are Attracted to Thugs

Its a known fact that women love a little danger and nothing says danger like a nigga that sells weed and might have the cops or the Mexican he owe for his pounds run up in his house and kill everything. Including YOU ….awe LOVE.

Here’s six reasons why women are attracted to Thugs:

1. Because they want to smoke and drink for free:

Everybody know the fastest way to a girls panties is by inviting her over for Netflix and Weed. If she can get it for free, even better. Every thug knows how to roll up some green and drink the henny.

2. Because her Daddy was abusive to her mother:

She just looking for somebody to slap her around and abuse her like her father use to do her mama. That’s all.

3. Because they Have Money

Most thugs have money not because they have great paying jobs or are entrepreneurs, but because they do dumb sh*t like rob n*ggas and flip pounds of cocaine and weed. Everyday I’m hustling.

4. Because Women Like a Little Danger

If you hold doors open for a b*tch, but will also shoot a nigga in the kneecap for trying to rob you for ya pack. You good money in a woman’s eyes.. Yousa gangsta and a gentleman.

5. What’s the 5th reason women like Thugs? (leave answer in the comments below)