Cop Ask Woman Show Him “What That Mouth Do” to Get Out of Ticket, Promoted

“I felt disrespected, and humiliated, but I also didn’t want a ticket so I sucked him off.”

Florida police officer Jim Slankey was caught on cop cam asking a female driver to show him what that mouth do after she asked him what could she do to get out of a 30 miles per hour over the speed limit ticket.

“I heard a rapper say it and thought it was cool. Didn’t know it meant suck my d**k. My apologies” – Officer

Officer Slankey has been promoted, because they say they’ve never seen so much honesty from a police man in so many years. “When women bribe us to get out of tickets. We honestly all just want a little mouth. His forward approach of 100% honesty of how to get out of a ticket is commendable.”