Houston Cop Quits Says “I Don’t Get Paid Enough for This Sh*t”

“White people being the target instead of blacks is at an all time high”

Said one Florida cop, John Mcnillan who says he wants a head start on all the racial tension surrounding the cop on black violence going on lately, forever.

A Florida cop took off his uniform in the middle of a Florida police station and says he doesn’t get paid enough to wake up and worry about getting his head blown off by any person he passes in the streets.

“I use to have to worry about the drug dealers, and pimps we robbed, but now I got to worry about any black person we racially profile while walking pass”

Jonathan says he still got a few connects from drug bust he made over the years so he’s about to become Pablo Escobar and retire in Medellin, Colombia with some Spanish pwussy.