Man Fears Light Skin Girls Will Become Extinct If Cops Kill All Black Men Who Love White Women

“Black men who date white women are responsible for 90% of the mixed b*tches n*ggas stalk on Instagram”

Said one man who says all the racial tension has him scared at his future b*tch selection if black men decide to no longer sleep with white women.

Jamal Rankins says he has a serious issue with all the racial tension going on in America and wants it to stop immediately. Jamal says if blacks continue to hate whites they might stop sleeping together and that will begin the end of young light skin women.


“I’m just tryna look out for all the future n*ggas that’ll love pretty lightskin b*tches as much as I do”

Jamal ensures us that he has nothing against darker skin women other than the fact that he’s just not attracted to them. “Its my preference. Just like women don’t like broke n*ggas. Now that’s self hate. B*tch you broke too!”.